US academic careers

If you are considering an academic career in the US then you need to prepare carefully to make yourself competitive on the job market there.

These slides| [pdf] are from a talk given by Professor Charis Thompson (LSE and Berkeley) to PhD students and gives useful tips on approaching the US academic job market.

This paper on the economics job market| is written by John Cawley and published by the Social Sciences Research Network. It’s worth a read for anyone interested in the US academic job market in general.

Another useful source of information is the Chronicle of Higher Education|. This a great source of news and advice on the US academic sector and also advertises jobs.

'The Professor Is In|' is a blog that gives advice on how to approach the US academic job market. It’s well worth reading and has a particularly interesting blog post on What British-Trained Candidates Are Doing Wrong on the US Job Market|.