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Welcome to Generate at LSE Careers

Previously LSE Entrepreneurship

We are committed to inspiring entrepreneurial potential amongst LSE students and alumni. Whether you are looking to start up your own business or interested in joining an organisation that promotes entrepreneurship as one of its core values, we hope that you can make use of this service and move a step closer to finding the entrepreneurial career path that works for you.

More information about our events and services can be found in the tabs above.

About Generate

Given the precariousness of the current job market both here in the UK and globally, students are looking further than the traditional career paths career paths and are exploring more innovative alternative solutions to their job search. 

Generate consists of an interactive skills development programme and an exciting series of networking events which, together, offer a unique platform from which students can learn, market test their ideas, and identify key relationships within their immediate and wider entrepreneurial community.

For those who are considering social enterprise as a potential career path there is a brand new scheme that focuses solely on this field. LSE Careers will be working closely with a dedicated team at UnLtd to provide funding and support specifically for social entrepreneurs.

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Generate offers an interactive skills development programme and an exciting series of networking events for LSE students.

Start-up Bootcamp

Start-Up Bootcamp takes place at the beginning of Lent term each year and is a two-day extravaganza of all things entrepreneurial, from getting that first bit of inspiration to discussing your pitch in depth. Events previously have included:

  •  One-to-one meetings with specialists in the entrepreneurial field
  •  Practice your pitching skills in front of experienced entrepreneurs
  •  Masterclasses on a range of topics from self-motivation and time-management to financing your business
  •  Q&A event with a panel of high profile business leaders
  •  Speed networking evening

Masterclasses and case studies

Dates, times and topics are available on LSE CareerHub|

Throughout Michaelmas and Lent term book onto the new Masterclass and Case-Study sessions; a series of lectures and success stories delivered by renowned start-up founders and experts. Sign up for the step-by-step guide to starting up your own business, delivered over a period of four months, alternated with examples of how people have seen their ideas transform into national and global successes. The series will culminate with a final Masterclass during the Start-up-in-a-day 2 event.

Entrepreneurship blog and forum

Can you create a website from scratch? Have you ever structured a business plan? Have you delivered a successful marketing campaign?

Students often find that while they have a promising idea for a start-up they discover certain skills are missing when attempting to implement their business concept. Given the impressive pool of talent that LSE has to offer, we are creating an online forum and blog for students to share their thoughts, ideas and talent with a wider entrepreneurial community.

Watch this space for information on how to get involved.

Site open-days

Dates, times and locations available on LSE CareerHub|

The concept of entrepreneurship isn’t only restricted to quirky, boutique start-ups. Despite the word being commonly associated with small setups, entrepreneurship can be found instilled in the makeup of many established multinationals and global blue-chip organisations. 

For those of you who would potentially look to be part of a larger, traditional set-up that boasts entrepreneurial flair we have organised several on-site visits, giving you the opportunity to experience for yourself a more innovative culture and business dynamic. 

The importance of failing – advice for entrepreneurs

Guest blogger and LSE alumna Rolake Rosiji explores the importance of failing as an entrepreneur:

FAIL, FAIL, FAIL again, Fail better.

Since leaving LSE in 2009, I’ve worked in management consulting in London. I’ve had my share of ups and downs but working for a well known company made me feel better when things were down.

In July this year I attended a summer course on entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. Escaping my normal routine, family and friends helped me to consider what was really important to me. I decided I don’t want to be a cog in a wheel. Instead I want to build something that makes an impact.

Realising this wasn’t enough. I had to decide to accept that is was ok to fail. After all, 90% of startups will fail.

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset

During the course I learned about Professor Carol Dweck’s studies on how people deal with failures. She found two sorts of people – growth mindset and fixed mindset. The growth mindset people are the ones not discouraged by failures, instead they understand that they can learn from mistakes and cultivate skills through effort.

On the contrary, fixed mindset people consider failure as a definition of someone’s character. They consider intelligence and potential to succeed as fixed.

Experts of recent years say that intelligence is not something fixed in a certain quantity in human beings but it is something that can be increased with inputs from the environment.

So why should I care about this?

These concepts are extremely meaningful for us because the views you adopt for yourself influence your life. The moment you look at yourself as a person with fixed skills and characteristics, you waste most of your time proving yourself instead of trying to get better. Conversely, if you look at yourself as a pool of skills that can be improved and increased, you will try to overcome your deficiencies and to challenge yourself to get better.

The perspective of how you see certain events as success, failure and effort also has a great influence on our lives. Success can be seen as validation or as an opportunity to develop yourself. Failure can be seen as a judgment or as a learning process.

The truth is that any achievement requires a lot of effort, practice and persistence. All capabilities – from the most artistic to the most technical – can be learnt with training and dedication

Change of mind

I would say I had a fixed mindset up until very recently. I joined a ‘big four’ company after LSE because I wanted a public stamp of approval and to be part of a large, well-known organisation. I’ve always been concerned with how things “looked” to other people. I now realise this was a sign of my lack of self belief.

In the last year, I’ve become more concerned with understanding what truly motivates me and more interested in riskier and more challenging opportunities. I’ve chosen to surround myself with people who challenge, question and push me, and to spend less time with those who are afraid of change.

I would say that I am now a growth mindset person, with a massive zest for life and a fearlessness to step out of my comfort zone.

From management consultant to entrepreneur

I’m CEO of the Women Entrepreneurs Network, London. I am developing a networking business for women entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and those in corporate careers who have an interest in startups. I want to motivate women to step out of their comfort zones, meet new people and realise their potential. We were all born with the same potential and only we can make the decision to exercise this potential or to leave it dormant.

The platform launches in January 2015 and will be a place for women to find business partners, inspiring people and mentors. It will also be a single portal for all the resources like events and training for start-ups in London.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

If you do not feel you know everything you need to know to succeed, join the ranks of Richard Branson. What set him apart was his growth mindset and confidence in their ability to learn anything.

Remember when Richard Branson’s Virgin was a music record store? How on earth did he think he could learn to manage aeroplanes?

Start with what you have and don’t be afraid to get help where you need it. I would recommend the websites and

If you want to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship, you need to believe you can learn anything. And you can. Accept it will take hard work and will require discipline, and you’re on your way.

Entrepreneurial one-to-one appointments

one to one

Need to speak to someone about your entrepreneurial career? Want to find out more about inspiring entrepreneurial events at LSE and beyond? Fancy some initial feedback on your business ideas?

From next week, Generate at LSE Careers is running one-to-one careers consultant appointments for entrepreneurs. Appointments last 20 minutes and run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9.30am.

You can book an appointment on CareerHub one week in advance.

We looking forward to seeing you, bright and early, over the next few weeks!

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Generate: present your product night

Starts: 20 Oct 2014 6:00 PM

Finishes: 20 Oct 2014 9:00 PM

Venue: NAB LG 03

Remaining places: 29

Our monthly Demo nights offer a unique opportunity for students to present their tech-based product alongside fellow students and receive valuable peer feedback on the idea.

Generate: Finances (part of entrepreneurial masterclass series)

Starts: 22 Oct 2014 3:00 PM

Finishes: 22 Oct 2014 5:00 PM

Venue: NAB LG.01 (Wolfson Theatre)

Remaining places: 40

Masterclasses are step-by-step guides to starting up your own business, delivered over a period of 3 months, This week's masterclass will focus how to finance your startup.

Generate: Mentoring session - Clean Tech and Energy

Starts: 24 Oct 2014 1:00 PM

Finishes: 24 Oct 2014 2:00 PM

Venue: STC 5.86

Weekly one-to-one mentoring drop-ins with expert entrepreneurs in a range of industries. This week's session will focus on clean tech and energy businesses and will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions about taking your business or social enterprise idea forward.

Generate: A contract (part of entrepreneurial masterclass series)

Starts: 29 Oct 2014 3:00 PM

Finishes: 29 Oct 2014 5:00 PM

Venue: Wolfson Theatre

Remaining places: 70

Masterclasses are step-by-step guides to starting up your own business, delivered over a period of 3 months, alternated with examples of how individuals have seen their ideas transform into national and global successes. This week's masterclass will focus on the ins and outs of the start-up contract

Generate: An audience (part of entrepreneurial masterclass series)

Starts: 5 Nov 2014 3:00 PM

Finishes: 5 Nov 2014 5:00 PM

Venue: KSW.G.01

Remaining places: 70

Masterclasses are step-by-step guides to starting up your own business. This session will focus on brand building and pitch preparation. This session focuses on selling your start-up: An exercise in brand building and pitch preparation.

Generate: Mentoring session - Retail and Apparel

Starts: 7 Nov 2014 1:00 PM

Finishes: 7 Nov 2014 2:00 PM

Venue: STC.5.86

Weekly one-to-one mentoring drop-ins with expert entrepreneurs in a range of industries. This week's session will focus on Retail and Apparel businesses and will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions about taking your business or social enterprise idea forward.

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