Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests cover a range of tests and questionnaires which are designed to measure specific aspects of mental performance. These range from:

  • Tests of memory or specific aptitudes (such as your ability to work with words or numbers),
  • Skills such as manual dexterity and eye for detail
  • Others which describe your personality, interests, values or motivation

How to succeed at verbal and numerical reasoning tests

1. Figure out what’s expected from the tests Usually when an organisation wants you to take online psychometric tests, they’ll give you a small amount of information about what they want to see. Some make your timing the priority, whereas others will state you don’t necessarily need to finish the test. They also sometimes state what level they’re looking for […]


LSE Careers exclusive resources

Did you know that we have lots of subscriptions to exclusive resources just for LSE students? Simply follow the links, login with your LSE IT account details, and get started! Visa sponsors in the UK Search over 400 of the largest and most popular UK companies which are licensed to issue Tier 2 visa certificates with our visa sponsors search […]


LSE Careers exclusive resources: Graduates First

LSE Careers subscribes to Graduates First so LSE students can get exclusive access to a selection of free professional-quality practice psychometric and selection tests. With over 20 numerical, verbal and logical tests to choose from, it allows you to track your progress using their comprehensive performance breakdowns and expert feedback as you go along. Graduates First also gives you tips and information about employer tests, psychometrics, […]


Selection processes

Once you successfully get through the first stage of the application process to the next round – you’re on your way from being a possible employee to a probable employee and should feel proud that your application has impressed your potential employers. There are, however, a number of ways in which an employer may assess your suitability for a job […]


Top application and assessment centre tips from an LSE student

John, an international student in the Management Department, has had a lot of success at application stage and recently attended a number of assessment centres. Here he shares his insights into how to get through the different stages of the selection and recruitment processes and his top tips for success: Application forms and psychometric tests In applications use the full word count. If an […]


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Graduates First

Practise and learn about a huge range of psychometric and employer tests for free. Graduates First is available to current LSE students only.

Go to Graduates First [login required] to find out more and access the site.

Other practice tests

More practice psychometric test sites can be found on the psychometric test resources page.