Internships and work experience

  • What is an internship, what is work experience? 
    Take a look at What is an internship? for a breakdown of types of placement and where you might find them.
  • When do I apply?
    Advice on writing strong internship applications and an overview of application schedules by industry in Applying for work experience
  • How do I get relevant experience?  
    Information about opportunities in your sector, with deadline dates, links and application advice - Internships & work experience by sector
  • LSE Parliamentary internships
    Exclusive to LSE students, with opportunities in parliament working with peers and MPs - LSE Parliamentary internships
  • Beyond internships
    Valuable, CV boosting work experience through summer work, part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities.
  • Making the most of opportunities
    How to approach a placement and increase your chances of turning it into something more permanent - Internship etiquette
  • Internships and Tier 4 Visa regulations
    There are many conditions and consequences of starting an internship before your course completion date. You may have to advise the school of your intentions.  Please contact the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) for advice.

LSE Careers supports the advice on Internships (pdf) issued by the UCU and NUS. 

LSE Careers will only advertise internship opportunities that comply with national minimum wage legislation.  When advertising any unpaid internship opportunities we ensure that they are:

  • With a charity, voluntary organisation, associated fund raising body or statutory body, or
  • Voluntary and pass the  'worker test' as described in the NUS and UCU advice on internships

It is ultimately the advertising organisation's responsibility to ensure any internship and voluntary opportunities they provide comply with national minimum wage legislation.  If you require advice or guidance with regard to internships please contact us.