Applying for opportunities

Many multinationals and larger companies in India recruit in a similar way to companies in the UK with many having online applications as the first stage of the selection process. These organisations are usually active on Indian university campuses conducting recruitment presentations and selection interviews.

Other employers will ask for a CV. This should be accompanied by a cover letter. An Indian CV and covering letter is very similar in format to those used in the UK. The same basic principles apply too. It should be clearly targeted and set out your motivation for the role and company as well as the skills and abilities that make you a strong candidate. It is particularly important to try and get the name of the person your application should be addressed to and use the correct nomenclature i.e. Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss.

If you are interested in working in India, another approach is to secure work with a firm in the UK (or another country) with operations in India, and then pursue a transfer. Research the company you are interested in before applying to find out more about their recruitment approach.