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Why can't I log into LSE CareerHub?

Current students and alumni

See our instructions and troubleshooting for logging into CareerHub.

Prospective/incoming students

Unfortunately you will only be able to access CareerHub once you are fully enrolled at the university, even if you have been given an unconditional offer. You will receive your login ID during registration which takes places during your first week.

How do I book a discussion with a careers or CV consultant?

  • Careers and CV discussions are available Monday to Friday. 
  • Book via LSE CareerHub
  • You can book appointments only for that day or the following morning.
  • We hold 40 -100+ appointments daily. However, in Michaelmas term, appointments can be fully booked by 9.40am, so you need to be prompt.  
  • You will receive an automated email confirmation if your booking is successful.

Can I pre-book an advice appointment?

Volunteering appointments, PhD/research staff appointments, careers appointments within your department and practice interviews can all be booked up to a month in advance.

You can book a careers or CV discussion appointment for the following morning but cannot book any further in advance than this using CareerHub.

However, we will consider booking a careers or CV discussion appointment for you in advance if:

  • You have lectures or classes every week day between 9am and 10am. You will need to show us a print-out of your timetable to demonstrate that you are always unable to book at 9.30am.
  • You need a telephone or Skype appointment as you are in full-time work during the holidays, or do not live in London.  
  • You are a recent graduate (whose degree programme finished less than two years ago) and either you don't live in London or have work commitments during the week. If this is the case we can book an appointment in advance to allow you to book travel or time off from work.

Can I make an appointment with a specific consultant?

  • When searching for an available appointment online, you have the option to filter by the name of the careers consultant.
  • If you can't book with your preferred consultant, book with another. All our careers consultants have extensive knowledge of all sectors, and should be able to answer your questions.

Can I update my personal details?

  • Current students: The information stored in LSE CareerHub is imported directly from your student record. To update this information you need to do so using LSE For You.
  •  Alumni: Please update your details on CareerHub.

I'm a PhD student, how can I book an appointment?

How do I book a practice interview?

You must have a real interview coming up to be eligible to book.

Please note: Practice interviews are one of the most popular services that LSE Careers run so if you would like a practice interview then please book as soon as you have been invited to a real interview.

Can I book a case study interview?

How many appointments can I book in a term?

  • In order to ensure that as many students as possible are able to book individual appointments with careers consultants, we have set a limit of 4 careers and/or CV appointments per term. We would kindly ask that you observe this limit.

Can I book an appointment outside term time?

  • Yes, LSE Careers is open from 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday during term time and the holidays.
  • LSE Careers only closes on Bank Holidays and during School-wide closure dates during Easter and Christmas. We also close for selected training days throughout the year.

What do I do if I cannot attend an appointment or event?

  • If are are unable to attend an appointment or event you must cancel your booking as soon as possible.
  • Go to your dashboard for a list of appointments you have booked in order to cancel.
  • If you fail to attend a total of 4 appointments/events during a two week period, your online booking privileges will be revoked for 2 weeks.

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How do I book events?

  • All events and their booking instructions are available on LSE CareerHub.   
  • Please cancel your booking if you cannot attend any event, as our system will automatically re-open that place for somebody else (demand is high so allow other students to benefit from your place).

There are no spaces left on an event. Can I still attend?

  • If there are no available spaces on an event you can add yourself to the waiting list on LSE CareerHub.
  • If something with a booking then cancels, everyone on the waiting list is notified to book their place.
  • This is done on a first come, first serve basis.  

I am on the waiting list for an event, what does that mean?

  • If you are on the waiting list for an event, every time an event booking is cancelled you will be notified that a place has become available.  
  • Everyone on the waiting list is notified and the bookings are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  
  • Being on the waiting list does not guarantee you a place on the event.  If you do not have a confirmed booking, please do not attend the event.  

My online booking privileges have been revoked, what do I do?

  • If you fail to attend a total of 4 appointments/events during a two week period, your online booking privileges will be revoked for 2 weeks.  If you are unable to attend always cancel your booking as soon as possible. 
  • If you would like to book a place on an event or an appointment during this time period please visit LSE Careers in person on Floor 5 of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.  LSE Careers opens Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm.  

I met an employer at an event but didn't get their contact details, can LSE Careers give them to me?

  • Unfortunately LSE Careers is unable to give out contact details of employers at our events, due to data protection laws.
  • Ensure you ask for their business card if you have had a successful conversation with them.

Does LSE Careers run MBTI testing or other psychometric testing sessions?

  • LSE students have exclusive access to online psychometric tests, which includes a Type Dynamics Indicator test (similar to MBTI). More information can be found at Psychometric Tests
  • If you would like to discuss your test results with a Careers Consultant, please carry out the test online first and then book a careers discussion appointment

Can I still use your services after I have completed my degree programme?

  • You can use LSE Careers for five years after completing your degree programme.

How do I get in touch with alumni?

Careers events

Where possible we try to invite LSE alumni to attend the employer events we organise. Look out for this in the event descriptions on CareerHub.

Alumni Association

There are alumni groups set up in many countries, including India, China, Canada and the US, who organise events with local organisations. When you graduate you will also have access to LSE Advancement, a private, dedicated web portal providing access to a range of resources and interactive sessions. This includes the Alumni Professional Networking Group which offers career mentoring and membership of the Alumni Association LinkedIn Group which currently has over 10,000 members. See the LSE Alumni site for more information.


There are many LSE alumni groups on LinkedIn. Some of these are organised by academic departments and some by groups of alumni. They can be an excellent way to network virtually and in many cases meet physically too.

See our information on using LinkedIn as a networking tool.

Student Societies

Many student societies invite alumni back to talk to current students. Attending events where they are speaking can be an excellent way to make contacts.

Careers Insights guide

We have also produced a publication called Career Insights which has profiles of recent alumni talking about how theirs career have developed since graduating from LSE. You can read it online or pick up a copy from the resource centre.

What do I need to do to work part-time as an international student? 

Will you sign a convention de stage (internship agreement)?

  • LSE Careers provides its own version of the convention de stage which you can collect from LSE Careers in person or via email. We are unable to sign a firm's own convention de stage.

Why do you open appointment bookings daily?

We release all careers and CV/cover letter discussions on a daily basis at 9.30am. After this time you can book an appointment for the same day or the following morning.

Demand for appointments is extremely high during the first six weeks of Michaelmas term, driven by application deadlines to graduate and internships programmes. During this period, we run over 100 appointments daily alongside our extensive programme of seminars and events but demand often exceeds what we are able to schedule.

  • This provides as fair a chance as possible of getting a careers appointment to the greatest number of students possible.
  • It should mean all students have at least one day per week when they are not in lectures at 9.30am and are free to book
  • It ensures some students are not able to reserve multiple appointments in one week and opens out appointments to as many students as possible
  • Appointments are published 30 days before booking opens, so students can see when the appointments will be available

Why do you limit appointments?

We limit appointment booking to four per term primarily to manage demand and make it as fair as possible for the greatest number of students to meet with a consultant at each term. In addition to their four fifteen minute appointments, students are also allowed one thirty minute practice interview per term.

Appointments are intended as a means to help you develop lifelong careers skills and assist and guide you in your own careers research and planning.

Think tactically about this one hour of one-to-one contact time per term and plan how best to make use of each appointment. Use the extensive range of seminars, employer-led events and careers resources available to prepare and develop your skills between sessions so that you are able to make the best use of the consultant's expertise when you meet.

I have a question about disability. Where can I get more information?

Please refer to the students with disabilities FAQs.

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