Public affairs

A career in public affairs is likely to mean working in a public affairs consultancy or in-house public affairs team. Typically, work includes political monitoring to foresee public policy which may affect a business, charity or other organisation.  As well as acting responsively to legislation or policy, public affairs professionals will regularly network and engage with policy makers to maintain valuable relationships.

Public affairs consultancies offer services including; monitoring political and policy matters which may create opportunities or problems for their clients, PR services, events management and political risk analysis.  

Roles in public affairs

As an entrant to the sector you can expect to be involved in research, monitoring and responding to requests, report writing and quickly being involved in the client facing aspect of the work. Most public affairs consultancies will recruit graduates each year and will offer good career progression within the business.

Another career path includes being placed with the in-house public affairs team through a company’s wider graduate recruitment scheme. Think tanks, charities, MPs and campaign groups will often take on graduates in research and policy roles which provide an excellent first step up the public affairs career ladder.

The following links provide descriptions of the job roles within public affairs and include job searching tips, salary, entry requirements, training, working conditions and job hunting information.

Public affairs representative bodies

The following websites are good for news, job descriptions, members' directories and vacancies.

Public affairs organisations

Research, information and publications

Jobs and recruitment agencies

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