Routes into healthcare

Most jobs don't require a medical degree, but often ask for a relevant Master's degree (such as Public Health or Development Studies) and field experience. There are few graduate training schemes within the healthcare field. Students often gain experience through internships, volunteering and work experience. Sending a speculative application to apply for work experience or voluntary roles can be a positive, proactive step. Alternatively, apply for entry level roles, see job search resources for possible links. The following gives an outline of some of the available graduate training schemes and internships in the health related field.

Graduate training schemes


The following companies have structured internship programmes. Many of the other companies on the Resources pages also offer ad hoc internships. Visit their websites, find the appropriate contact to approach and send them a speculative application.


Voluntary positions are available at a large number of organisations. Volunteering can be great experience and help you gain employment in the future. To find out more about volunteering and how LSE can help you gain a placement see LSE Volunteer Centre.

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