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Healthcare destinations of LSE students

The following roles are healthcare related job titles of former LSE students. For job roles within healthcare management see healthcare management job roles.

Asylum case worker

Provides advice to and representation for people with asylum problems, including advice on and help with completing application forms and representing them at asylum interviews. The asylum case worker would appeal against unfair decisions, and would appeal for someone with asylum issues in the event of proposed deportation.

Charity officer

Working within a charitable organisation, this role encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities. Larger charities may employ a charity officer who looks after one major part of the organisation, such as HR, finance, PR, marketing, fundraising etc. In a smaller organisation the charity officer may take on all or a variety of these roles. Generally the charity officer would need to liaise with donors and local community members to generate funds. Charity officers organise and coordinate fundraising events, maintain a database of supporters, generate funding proposals and carry out marketing activities.

Community development officer/partner coordinator

Work with disadvantaged community groups to help them realise their problems (how did they come about) and establish ways in which they can deal with them by goal setting and taking action with a longer term goal of creating a community which has developed their own services and community activities. The work will be project based, and tends to be related to a specific social group or the geography of a group.

Community education officer

Works with specific community groups, once again related to a particular social group or the geographical location of a group. The emphasis on this role will be within encouraging these groups to include education in their lives, from basic skills up to college and university courses. The community education officer will identify the community's issues and needs and will facilitate access to local educational and appropriate social activities.

Health advocacy officer

A health advocacy officer will work for a charity or health organisation which works with people and communities with a variety of health issues (including HIV/AIDS), in order to improve access to treatment and care within affected communities. They will create, implement and report on the advocacy strategy and ensure it is promoted to appropriate agencies.

Health economist

Will analyse information and data associated with health and healthcare. They will use their knowledge of economics to advise on where changes can be made to most effectively utilise the current health services, staff and facilities. They also examine the social health effecting behaviours which may impact on the effective working of healthcare (private and public).

Housing officer/manager

Located in a local office or on the housing estate a housing officer is responsible for managing social housing, within a housing association or local authority. The role includes managing the maintenance of the properties, dealing with various applications and ensuring anti-social behaviour is dealt with. Housing officers need to build a professional relationship with the tenants and also local agencies, such as the police and community groups. A housing officer may be expected to attend court to give details of a tenant or situation in the case of an eviction or anti social behaviour case.

Health policy analyst /officer/adviser

Analyses and researches into health issues in order to develop effective and expert health policy in conjunction with policy makers. Issues may include vaccinations or smoking, or those related to family planning. They will also campaign on behalf of and against health policies.

Social researcher

In charge of planning, designing, coordinating and presenting data for social research. Working with a particular social group a social researcher would decide on the method of collecting results (forum group, questionnaire etc.) and will liaise with appropriate groups to carry out the research, and then present it in an appropriate form.

Social worker

Work with a large range of people on the edge of social exclusion and who have been through trauma and crisis. Work may take place in schools, clients' homes, hospitals and other community settings. Working closely with relevant legislation a social worker will support and sometimes even befriend individuals, groups and families. Duties will include writing reports, presenting cases in court, supporting and offer counselling services to clients, interviewing clients and referring them to other agencies and participating in multidiscipline teams.