Environment job roles

These are some of the roles in the environment sector which LSE alumni have gone on to work in, or which don't require a scientific or engineering qualification.

Environmental consultant

Working with clients across private and public sectors to address a wide range of environmental issues. Consultants use their analytical, communication skills and teamworking skills in some of the following area: regulation, environmental impact, corporate strategy, data interpretation. See a list of environmental consultancies|.

Sustainability officer

Responsible for a setting environmental standards and managing compliance. Often working as part of a small team Sustainability Officers can be based within both the private and public sector organisations.

Climate change officer

Responsible for influencing organisational policy and practice in some of the following areas: carbon management, carbon footprinting, climate change adaptation, climate research and climate policy.

Environmental campaigner

Working as part of an NGO, responsibilities can range from fundraising, outreach, communications, marketing and policy work.

Environmental education officer

Develops and delivers education programmes to raise awareness of environmental issues. Can work with both young people and adults and be employed by NGOs, voluntary organisations and within the public sector.

Energy efficiency officer/advisor

Provides guidance and expertise on legislation and new technologies that impact on energy consumption. Often based within the housing, construction or public sectors.

Sustainable transport officer

Promotes Travel Planning, Travel Awareness and Alternative Fuels with the objective of encouraging behavioural change.