Environmental careers

The environmental sector is large and diverse, so one of your first tasks will be to get a handle on what aspect of the sector will best match your aptitudes and fulfil your ambitions.

Increasing awareness about climate change and the expansion of environmental regulation has led to growth in the sector, with a range of new career paths opening up. Sustainable technologies - including renewable energy production - can also offer the potential for developing a rewarding career.

Opportunities in this field range across government, policy, private sector and NGOs and it’s worth spending some time considering which might offer the best ‘fit’ with your skills and interests.

The range of organisations involved include Central and Local Government, environmental consultancies, organisations such as the Environment Agency and English Nature, large businesses and charities and lobbying groups. Some of the bigger organisations have graduate schemes (Vestas, Veolia, and Faber & Maunsell for example), but many don’t, so you’ll need to take a flexible and pro-active approach.