Introduction to HR

Human Resource Management (usually referred to as HR) involves everything related to the employer-employee relationship and is about supporting and managing the organisation’s people and associated processes. It’s seen as a core business function essential to the organisation’s effective operation. 

Most larger organisations in the public and private sector have their own designated HR department, opening up a broad range of companies and sectors to applicants. Recent years have seen increasing numbers of companies outsource key elements of their HR functions. So, opportunities within HR consultancies also exist.

HR is a very popular and highly competitive career with graduate schemes being among the most oversubscribed. Your level of HR focus will vary from scheme to scheme, with some being based purely within the HR department and others expanding candidate's experience to other functions such as marketing, management and more.

HR has great scope for specialism and development within a particular HR function (e.g. development, equality and diversity, recruitment and selection, etc.) and with specialism comes extra responsibility and remuneration.