The basics

Insurance plays a significant role in every aspect of life and business, helping to protect people’s belongings, property, health and much more against unexpected events such as fire, water, accidents, human error and natural disasters. The industry promotes investment in the future economic growth of the whole country by using the premium income received to provide long-term capital for investment. It helps to fund public services and company expansion, earn foreign currency and generate tax.

One quarter of employees in the financial services industry in the UK are employed in insurance, with 300000 insurance employees in the UK. As the third largest insurance market in the world, and number one in the EU, the insurance sector in the UK has remained strong in the face of the recession, with people keen to insure against loss. Since 2009 the insurance industry has seen a 38% increase in jobs, and 4% pay increase. Shortage areas include actuaries, underwriters, solvency II experts, regulation and IT.

Find out more

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