Publishing careers

Job roles

Publishing job roles span the media industry in books, newspapers and magazines, business media and journals. New multi-media formats ensure the industry and job roles are ever-changing.

Routes into publishing

Publishing is a competitive industry with few advertised entry level positions.  Employees gain work through recent work experience placements, graduate training schemes and word of mouth recommendations and networking.

Work experience, internships and graduate training schemes

See the Routes into publishing pages for further information.

Create your own media

Social networking, portfolios and blogging are just some ways to create your own media, demonstrating your skills and experience to potential employers.


Employment is often found through word of mouth. Learn networking skills to help you make useful contacts whilst on work experience, graduate training schemes or at fairs and events.

Applying for advertised roles

Entry level roles and roles for individuals with experience are advertised through recruitment and job websites. These are competitive due to the few advertised jobs and the large number of applicants. See the publishing resources page for recruitment and job websites.


For a list of companies within publishing see the resources page.