Job roles in PR

Political party agent
Works on the constituency level of one of the main political parties, managing the electoral campaigns, recruiting campaign volunteers, managing media queries and analysing voting statistics and maintaining membership records.

Political research assistant
Researches into and answers questions on a variety of political questions. Employment can be with a large range of employers. Depending on the employer you may specialise in one area or research into and answer questions on a variety of issues.

Press officer
Liaises with the media, fielding their questions and queries for a particular employer, product or person. A press officer would also write press releases, organise press conferences and assess media coverage.

Public relations officer
Managing the reputation of a product or person, in order to change public opinions of it, promote it further all through gaining an understanding of the product or person.

Public relations account executive
Promotes the reputation of a product or person through news items, without the use of advertising. This could involve product placement and news articles which contain no cost. It also involves liaising with the clients and writing reports to inform them what effect the PR is having on their or their product's reputation.

Public affairs consultant
Keeping informed with political news, this role involves offering political and public policy advice to a range of employers. They liaise with and build relationships with key stakeholders in the decision-making process in European, national, regional and local government bodies.