Introduction to careers in media

Innovation and technological developments mean the world of Media is constantly changing. Digital and online communication has enabled individuals to become active participants in the communication process, while consumer information can be disseminated around the globe in seconds.

The boundaries between broadcast, film and interactive media are more blurred than ever before with many companies no longer specialising in a single medium but delivering services via a combination of media including television, mobile phones, offline multimedia and the internet.

Globalisation, technology and digitalisation, and changing consumer demographics are key issues affecting the industry. Entrants will need to develop knowledge about technical processes and be able to demonstrate multimedia awareness as well as knowledge of a more general commercial and legal nature.

Competition is fierce within the industry and applicants will need to be prepared to work long hours and do menial tasks in order to advance. Much media work is also freelance thus making it essential that you have the ability to make contacts and sell yourself and your experience.

Job roles

Within media there are a large number of roles. See media job roles |for details of just some of the positions available. Many media employees apply for roles using speculative applications.|

Routes into media

Media is hugely competitive with most employees gaining work through word of mouth recommendations.


For a list of companies within media please see the media resources page|.