Internships and work experience in advertising

Are you suited to working in advertising? Do you think diagonally? Take the IPA Diagonal Thinking Self-Assessment test| to find out. 

Finding work experience

Start with the IPA website| for internships and use the agency list to apply directly. Their career site Admission| is also worth reviewing and lists agencies offering structured internships.

Make use of business/social networking sites such as LinkedIn| and Twitter to make contact with industry professionals, follow companies that interest you and carry out labour market research.


You should be proactive and approach firms with a speculative application| but it will need to be targeted towards their work and include an attention-grabbing CV| and cover letter|.

You will need to provide evidence that you are a team player, have strong analytical and problem solving skills, are able to communicate ideas effectively and above all, have a passion and enthusiasm for advertising and brands. 

Account planners need to be able to show that they have good quantitative analytical skills.

If you want to work on the creative side then you should be developing a portfolio of ideas which illustrate your creative flair and commercial awareness.