Career planning and job hunting

Does it seem like everyone around you knows exactly what they want to do with their life?

The myth that all LSE students (apart from you) are on the pathway to their dream job isn't true. As for the other myth that LSE Careers can only help those who know what they want to do - we wouldn't be writing this if that was the case.

You may never have had a 'career plan' because you chose to study a course based on academic interest, or you might have just been enjoying your time at university, leaving planning until after you finish your course.

The important thing is that you are now thinking about your career and reading this section of our website. You should also try to stop worrying - that in itself can prevent you from moving forward successfully.

This section has a range of tools to help you start taking the first steps in the decision making process whilst offering practical advice about how to do this in an effective manner. We encourage you to come and see us at LSE Careers at any point during this process. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

What to do if you don’t know what to do

As an LSE student you might be familiar with hearing about the career plans of your friends and course-mates, who seem to know what they want to do following their degree. They might even have a job lined up for after graduation and their next three years planned out. So if you don’t you might be thinking: How will you […]


Summer support and events for PhD students and research staff

Welcome to the PhD Careers summer programme! It’s time to refresh your career with… Appointments Individual, confidential career review one-to-one meetings are available, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays (but can be negotiated for another day if those aren’t convenient) with Catherine Reynolds, our Careers Consultant for PhD students. These last for 30 minutes and you can check availability and book […]


Undergraduates – how LSE Careers can help you

At this time of year, as minds start to turn to exams, things are certainly a bit quieter at LSE Careers, with fewer events taking place. We’re still around, though, and from Thursday 20 April, following our brief Easter closure, we will be very happy to see you here on Floor 5 of SAW if you want to take some time out […]


The benefits of work shadowing

As the name suggests, work, or job shadowing, is where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job. It can be a great way to gain (literally) on-the-ground insights, deepen your knowledge and expand your network. Here are some of the main benefits: The chance to assess your ‘fit’ Often, a work shadow opportunity will […]


Insider tips – working in Brussels

Guest blog by Freddie van Mierlo who has worked as a Consultant at Harwood Levitt Consulting, a boutique Public Affairs strategy consultancy based in Brussels, since 2015: The Brussels labour market is famed for its competitive, multilingual, hyper-educated work force. Today, most people aspiring to work in Brussels start at the bottom, as opposed to parachuting in as a seconded […]


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