Policy & information for societies

LSE Careers provides a large variety of events and services for all students including:

  • 18 careers fairs in various sectors, in London, Belgium, China and Hong Kong
  • 12 sector-based careers forums with external speakers and alumni
  • 80+ employer-led seminars, focusing on various sectors
  • 100+ on-campus presentations and more than 250 off-campus events

All of these events are advertised and can be booked online at LSE CareerHub|. If your society or club maintains a website, you are welcome to create links to the LSE Careers site, our online vacancy board or the sector pages relevant to your society or club.

How LSE Careers can help your society

We will consider proposals for collaborative events/services that are not currently offered by LSE Careers; offer advice about the sector relevant to your society/club; provide advice on organising a careers event.

We can not help you with:

  • Funding and sponsorship (please speak to the Activities Team in LSESU)
  • Access to our employer database
  • Access to the alumni database
  • Events and/or service that are similar to something we already offer
  • Room bookings (unless it is a joint event with LSE Careers)
  • Advertising your events (unless it is a joint event with LSE Careers)

Proposals for collaborative events/services

Where there is a high demand for a careers event/service that is currently not provided by LSE Careers, we may be able to work collaboratively with a society. If your proposal is successful you will be:

  • Offered advice about the sector relevant to the event/service
  • Offered advice on organising an event
  • Appointed a member of the LSE Careers team as a liaison point, where appropriate
  • Promote the event/service to LSE students (please note events/services must be for LSE students only)
  • Promote the event/service to employers

Proposals should be submitted in good time, preferably at least 8 weeks prior to your proposed event.

Types of events

Employer-led seminars

Societies are welcome to arrange educational, skills based events with employers.

Career forums

Panel discussions are an effective way of learning more about a particular sector. They give your members an opportunity to hear personal experience from employers and put questions to people in the field. LSE Careers runs a number of forums throughout the year. 

Careers fairs

LSE Careers runs 16 careers fairs in various sectors and countries. Careers fairs are complex events to arrange and require considerable long term planning. It is therefore not feasible or necessary for societies to arrange careers fairs. Instead we suggest that you hold panel discussions and skills based events with employers. 

Employer presentations

Employer recruitment presentations whereby the recruiter wishes to present on their roles and how to apply for them, are commercial bookings and should only be arranged through LSE Careers. Societies should direct all recruiters who wish to hold a recruitment presentation to us (careers.employers@lse.ac.uk| or 020 7107 5510). 

By booking through LSE Careers, organisations can avoid clashes with their competitors, and duplications which are problematic for both the employer and students. As presentations are commercial bookings the company should pay for room hire. Please be aware that companies book their Michaelmas presentations with LSE Careers in early March to avoid such issues.