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Careers resource centre

resource area book shelves

Student enquiries desk

The student enquiries desk is situated in the main LSE Careers office on the 5th Floor of the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.

It is staffed by the Student Enquiries Coordinator who will be your first point of contact in LSE Careers.

The Student Enquiries Coordinator will be able to answer your general questions and any careers information enquiries, as welll as guide you through the range of resources and services offered by LSE Careers to best suit your needs. 

You can contact the Student Enquiries Co-ordinator at or by telephone on 020 7955 7135.


The facilities below are available for use in the resource centre during opening hours:

  • 2 PCs that can be used by students for careers purposes
  • Free printing for CVs, cover letters and application forms
  • Quiet study space for using laptops and reference materials


Takeaway resources

Our resource centre contains a vast range of takeaway information. Popular takeaway materials which you can pick up for free include:

LSE Careers also produces LSE specific information publications which are also available to takeaway. 

Reference materials and book borrowing

In addition to our takeawaway materials we also have a large number of books, to help you through all stages of career planning and job hunting. 

Items on the shelves are reference only except those with green stickers on their spines, which can be borrowed for one week. Book borrowing is only available to current LSE students and eligible graduates. 

Search and browse our resources

Visit our LibraryThing catalogue to search our full range of print and electronic resources. You can also browse our collection by:

Books which can be borrowed from our Resource Centre have been given the borrowable tag, resources which can be downloaded for free are tagged ebooks.

Our resources are organised according to the classification scheme below. Click on a subject category to see what books and ebooks are available on that topic.

General topics

01 Careers and advisory services

01.1 Using your careers service

02 Planning your future

02.1 Self awareness (finding out about yourself)

02.2 Degree-related options (what can I do with my degree?)

02.3 Decision-making (choosing a career)

04 Work experience (including vacation and gap year opportunities)

04.1 Planning vacation and short-term work, internships, work placements and gap years

04.4 Opportunities abroad

04.5 Volunteering opportunities

04.6 Student feedback on work experience

05 Developing your skills

06 Job search

06.1 Networking strategies

07 Employer information & directories

08 Applications, interviews, psychometric tests

08.1 CVs

08.2 Covering letters

08.4 Application forms

08.5 Interviews

08.6 Case study interviews

08.9 Psychometric tests

10 Employment issues

10.3 Handling job offers

11 Self-employment and entrepreneurship

12 Working and studying abroad

12.1 Working abroad - general information

12.3 Work and study abroad - by continent/region

13 Further study

13.2 Postgraduate study UK

13.3 Undergraduate study UK

14 Research and postdoctoral opportunities

15 Funding and money matters

15.2 Funding – undergraduate finance issues & support

15.3 Funding - postgraduate

16 Diversity

16.4 Gender

16.10 Sexual orientation


A Education

A1 Teaching in schools

A4 Teaching English as a foreign language

C Health care and psychology

C4 Allied medical specialisms

C7 Psychology

D Defence and public protection

D1 Armed forces

D3 Emergency services 

E Hospitality and events management

E1 Hospitality

F Leisure, sport and tourism

F2 Sport

F3 Tourism

G Advertising, PR and marketing

G1 Advertising


G3 Marketing

H Buying, selling and retailing

H2 Selling and sales management

I Actuarial work, pensions and insurance

I1 Actuarial work

I3 Insurance

J Accountancy and financial management

J1 Chartered accountancy

J5 Taxation 

J6 Retail banking and personal financial services

J7 Investment banking and corporate financial services

J8 Investment management

K Legal services

K2 Barristers

K3 Ancillary legal professions

L Administration

M Information technology

N Charity and development work

O Research and management services

O1 Management consultancy

O5 Human resources, recruitment and training

Q Construction, civil engineering and property

Q5 Land and property management

R Natural resources and the environment

R3 Extraction and energy production

R5 Environmental protection and conservation

T Engineering and manufacturing

T1 Engineering

V Scientific research, analysis and support

V1 Scientific research and development

V2 Medical related scientific services

W Information, patents and heritage management

W1 Information and library management

W2 Patent and related work

X Creative arts and design

X4 Fashion and textile

Y Publishing, media and performing arts

Y1 Publishing and printing

Y2 Journalism

Y3 Writing

Y4 Broadcasting, film and video (technical)

Y5 Broadcasting, film and video (production)

Y7 Performance

In addition remember to check out Vault: Career insider and WetFeet online careers library, where LSE students can browse their huge range of ebooks and download them for free. If you need help finding anything the Student Enquiries Co-ordinator will be happy to assist.

The books below are all available for reference in the LSE Careers resource centre. For the full list, please visit the LSE Careers LibraryThing catalogue. Click on a book cover for details.