Logging in

You can only access the web pages and resources listed below with an LSE username and password.

To obtain these, you will need to:

For most students, registration takes place during Orientation Week. For some pre-sessional students, registration occurs on Fridays throughout September.

LSE Careers website

You will need to enter your username and password to access the following sections of the LSE Careers website:

These pages can be accessed by current LSE students only. You will not be able to access them once you graduate. Information from these pages can be found in the resources section| of LSE CareerHub and can be accessed by alumni for up to two years after graduation.

LSE CareerHub

After you have completed on campus registration, It will take approx two working days for your account to activate on LSE CareerHub|. When active, you will be able to log in with your LSE username and password.

If you are an LSE graduate who is starting another course at LSE this year you may find that you are unable to access LSE CareerHub for a couple of weeks leading up to the registration for your new course, even if you could previously log into CareerHub.