Careers information for LSE staff

Personal use of LSE Careers

Staff members of LSE are welcome to use the facilities of LSE Careers free of charge but we are unable to see careers consultants for careers appointments. For any queries email or 020 7955 7135.

Research staff

LSE research staff can book careers discussions and careers seminars run by our PhD careers consultant. Instructions about how to access CareerHub to book appointments and events are found on our PhD and research staff site.

Staff guide to writing references

The LSE staff guide to writing references [pdf] will give you some background as to why employers use references and an idea of what a reference looks like and what it might contain.

Graduate destinations

Each year LSE Careers collects details for HESA about what students from your course have gone on to do after leaving LSE. 

This data is supplied to schools and departments in the college and is made available via the Graduate Destinations website. The information is a compulsory requirement of the QAA subject review and can be useful not only in keeping in touch with alumni but also in marketing your course to prospective students.

Departmental seminars

Each department at LSE has an allocated careers consultant who liases with the department to arrange appropriate careers seminars and events.

These complement the programme of events at LSE Careers and are more tailored to your degree subject. Departmental talks are advertised on department notice boards or by email to individual students.