LSE 100

LSE Careers is delighted to be working with the LSE100 Course Office in the development of the innovative and interdisciplinary course for first year students at LSE; “LSE100 The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things”.

Aside from the fascinating content of this course, you will be given opportunities through your small class groups to be actively challenged to analyse questions of current public concern and of intellectual debate from a rigorous social science perspective.

See the LSE100 website| for full details, contact information and registration.

What employers think...

"A well rounded, diverse candidate who is comfortable with numbers and communication skills is harder to find than you would think as many are pushing their "technical skills". A strong analytical background is a plus, but if they can't be seen as someone who can speak to clients and work on teams, it does not matter."
Credit Suisse

"As a recruiter one of the challenges we see, particularly from top tier universities, is that students think that academic results are enough to get them through the selection process. At the FSA we recruit from all disciplines and are looking for a range of competencies both quantitative and communicative."

"When we look at young graduates we recruit into BP we look for the potential to grow into future leaders. For us this means we are looking for those who will be able to Energise People, Value Expertise, Act Decisively and Deliver Results."

"Standard Chartered place a high emphasis on the ability to communicate effectively and with confidence and are pleased to support the introduction of LSE 100 which will enable students to further improve their skills"
Karen Goodacre, Graduate Recruitment, Standard Chartered Bank