Grimshaw Club

The Grimshaw Club is the student society affiliated to the LSE International Relations Department and, established in 1923, it is the oldest student society of the School. The Club welcomes all students interested in current affairs while also providing an important social forum for student and staff members of the Department.

Mission statement: The Grimshaw Club does not support any religious or political views of its own but attempts to have as broad a spectrum of issues available to its members to facilitate the debate of topics concerning international relations.

The Grimshaw Club frequently hosts speakers and panel discussions throughout the year as it aims to stimulate debate on a wide range of subjects relating to international relations.

Grimshaw is also one of the few LSE student societies to organise student study trips. There are several trips each year and in Grimshaw history they have gone to as diverging places as New York, Israel and the West Bank, Lebanon, the Western Balkans, Russia, Hungary and many more! The trips take place during the Christmas and Easter holidays and spaces are limited.

The Club also organises frequent social events to encourage student and faculty interaction.

For more information about the club's activities please visit the Grimshaw Club website.  

The Grimshaw Club can be contacted via and also has a pigeonhole (opposite room CLM.6.05, Clement House, LSE).

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