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Staff Publications: articles and chapters

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Below is a list of some recent articles from members of the Department.
There is also a list of new books by Department staff.


Dalacoura, Katerina (2016) “The events in Turkey…Global Brief, The Definition, Fall : p. 60.

Falkner, Robert (2016) The Paris Agreement and the new logic of international climate politics International Affairs, 92 (5). 1107-1125. ISSN 0020-5850

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Neumann, Iver B, (2016) “Deep Hanging Out With Michel Foucualt”, pp. 427-434 in Richard Ned Lebow, Peer Schoutenand Hidemi Suganami (eds) The Return of the Theorists: Dialogues with Great Thinkers in International Relations London: Palgrave.

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Neumann, Iver B, (2016) “Sited Diplomacy”, pp. 79-92 in Jason Dittmer and Fiona MacConnell (eds) Diplomatic Cultures and International Politics: Translations, Spaces, Alternatives London: Routledge.
Neumann, Iver B, (2016) “Diplomacy: An Evolutionary Perspective” chapter 10 pp. 225-245 in Dirk Messner and Silke Weinich (eds) Global cooperation and the human factor in international relations London: Routledge.

Lankina, Tomila (2016) Authoritarian and Democratic Diffusion in Post-Communist Regions (with Alexander Libman and Anastassia Obydenkova) Comparative Political Studies (2016) (OnlineFirst version)

Lankina, Tomila (2016) Boris Nemtsov and the Reproduction of the Regional Intelligentsia Demokratizatsiya 24, 1 (2016): 45-68

Wilson, Peter, Yongjin Zhang, Tonny Brems Knudsen, Peter Wilson, Paul Sharp, Cornelia Navari, and Buzan, Barry (2016) REVIEW SYMPOSIUM: The English School in retrospect and prospect: Barry Buzan’s An Introduction to the English School of International Relations: The Societal Approach / Pluralism, solidarism and the yin-yang of international society / Solidarism, pluralism and fundamental institutional change / English School, neo-neo-style / Unschooling the English School: Builders and interpreters / Primary and secondary institutions: Quo vadit? / Taking the English School forward in Cooperation and Conflict March 2016 51: 94-136, first published on November 18, 2015.

Dalacoura, Katerina (2016) Islamism and neoliberalism in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings: the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt and Nahda in Tunisia In: Akcali, Emel, (ed.) Neoliberal Governmentality and the Future of the State in the Middle East and North Africa. Palgrave Macmillan , Basingstoke, UK, 61-83. ISBN 9781137546920

Lawson, George, ‘Within and Beyond the “Fourth Generation” of Revolutionary Theory’, Sociological Theory 34(2) 2016. 
Lawson, George, ‘Revolution, Non-Violence, and the Arab Uprisings’, Mobilization 20(4) 2015: 453–470. 
Lawson, George, ‘Revolutions and the International’, Theory and Society 44(4) 2015: 299–319.

Buzan, Barry and Lawson, George, ‘Rethinking Benchmark Dates in International Relations’ (with Barry Buzan), European Journal of International Relations 20(2) 2014: 437–462.

Lankina, Tomila, Alexander Libman, and Anastassia Obydenkova. (2016). "Appropriation and Subversion: Pre-communist Literacy, Communist Party Saturation, and Post-Communist Democratic Outcomes." World Politics 68 (2).


Falkner, Robert (2015) International negotiations: towards minilateralism Nature Climate Change, 5 (9). 805-806. ISSN 1758-678X

Falkner, Robert (with Sander Chan, Harro van Asselt and Matthew Goldberg) (2015) Strengthening non-state climate action: a progress assessment of commitments launched at the 2014 UN Climate Summit Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment working papers , 242, 216. Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London, UK.

Neumann, Iver B, (first author Morten S. Andersen) (2015) “The Danish Empire and Norway’s Place Therein” Scandinavica - International Journal of Scandinavian Studies 54 (1):10-29

Wilson, Peter (2015). "Leonard Woolf, the League of Nations and Peace Between the Wars".  The Political Quarterly, early view 20 July 2015

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Neumann, Iver B (2015 ) International Studies Must Be a Social Science: A Friendly Quarrel with PTJ, Millennium - Journal of International Studies, June 2015 vol 43 (3) pp 966-969

Neumann, Iver B (2015) Authoritarian East, Global Affairs, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015, pp 93-94

Ainley, Kirsten (2015) The responsibility to protect and the International Criminal Court: counteracting the crisis. International Affairs

Ainley, Kirsten (2015) Evaluating the success of transitional justice in Sierra Leone and beyond. In: Ainley, Kirsten, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris , (eds.) Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK

Ainley, Kirsten, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris (2015) Transitional justice in Sierra Leone: theory, history and evaluation. In: Ainley, Kirsten, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris , (eds.) Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK

Ainley, Kirsten, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris (2015) The potential and politics of transitional justice: interactions between the global and the local in evaluations of success. In: Ainley, Kirsten, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris , (eds.) Evaluating Transitional Justice: Accountability and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK

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Bayly, Martin J (2014) "Imperial ontological (in)security: ‘Buffer states’, International Relations and the case of Anglo-Afghan relations, 1808–1878", in European Journal of International Relations December 9, 2014

Bayly, Martin J (2014) "The ‘re-turn’ to empire in IR: colonial knowledge communities and the construction of the idea of the Afghan polity, 1809–38", in Review of International Studies, Volume 40, Issue 03, July 2014, pp 443-464.

Sedelmeier, Ulrich, (2014) ‘Anchoring Democracy from Above? The European Union and Democratic Backsliding in Hungary and Romania after Accession’ in the Journal of Common Market Studies Special Issue 2014: Eastern Enlargement Ten Years On: Transcending the East-West Divide? (Guest Editors: Rachel A. Epstein and Wade Jacoby), 52 (1): 105-121.  Awarded the prize for (joint) best article of the Journal of Common Market Studies published in 2014.  The jury praised that “… Sedelmeier's article illustrates that academic research on European integration can be rigorous, timely, and relevant to societal problems at the same time.”

Strong, James. (2014). “Why parliament now decides on war: Tracing the growth of the parliamentary prerogative through Syria, Libya and Iraq.” British Journal of Politics and International Relations, advance online publication.

Falkner, Robert (2014) "Global environmental politics and energy: mapping the research agenda" in Energy Research & Social Science, 1. 188-197. ISSN 2214-6296

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Alden, Chris (with Maxi Schoeman) (2014) South Africa's Symbolic Hegemony in Africa, International Politics, 2015 52:2 

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Trubowitz, Peter and Harris, Peter (2014) 'When states appease: British appeasement in the 1930s', Review of International Studies, FirstView Article 30 September 2014, available on CJO2014..

Trubowitz, Peter (2014) In foreign policy, Obama has begun his fourth quarter rally (29 December 2014) Blog Entry

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Dalacoura, Katerina (2014) 'Homosexuality as cultural battleground in the Middle
East: culture and postcolonial international theory
', Third World Quarterly, 35:7, 1290-1306

Dalacoura, Katerina (2014) Beyond a self-fulfilling prophecy: religion and conflict in the Middle East openDemocracy (13 Jan 2014) Blog entry

Dalacoura, Katerina (2014) The secular in non-Western societies, The Immanent Frame, (11 Feb 2014) Blog entry


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