MSc Theory and History of International Relations

This is a joint degree with the International History Department which allows students to sample courses in both departments. Those taking the course therefore gain a feel for both IR theory, taught by leading experts (see Department staff) in the field, and recent international history. This gives them a chance to understand and appreciate both the theoretical and the empirical approach to the study of international relations.

The structure of the degree is intended to ensure a good balance between the two disciplines. Students choose one broad course in each department, before using their third option to select one of the many highly specialised courses offered by the two departments. They then complete their degree by doing a history dissertation, which will give them a chance to conduct their own empirical research on a detailed historical case-study.

The degree thus represents an excellent preparation for those contemplating further research in either international history or IR, as well as being accessible to those who are making the transition from related disciplines such as political science, modern languages, economics, law or journalism. It also a way to benefit from the expertise of two highly-rated LSE departments.

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