MSc IRT External Examiner's comments

Comments from External Examiners on the 2015-2016 session:

External Examiner A

Both the MSc in International Relations and the MSc in International Relations Theory are very well-run courses, with a premium put on student learning and well-being.

External Examiner B

This has been my final year as external examiner for the IR Department at the LSE. As in previous years I have been impressed by the diligent approach faculty have taken to assessment. I have been asked to arbitrate in a small number of cases where internal examiners differed over grades. In each instance I felt these differences were decided fairly and in accordance with the assessment criteria. Faculty are also to be commended for their efforts to consider carefully cases where students' studies have been interrupted or otherwise impacted by mitigating circumstances of various sort. Each exam board I attended paid close attention to these, particularly when an overall degree classification was at stake. In every instance I felt the regulations were applied fairly. This year has also seen the implementation of a new system of moderation in place of the previous double marking approach. In the courses I oversaw, this occurred without any impact on the quality of assessment. I am also satisfied that, moving forward, the new assessment regime offers clear and appropriate guidance for considering borderline or disputed marks, thus guaranteeing that present and future LSE students can expect continuity in the assessment standards to which they are subject.

External Examiner C

The range and nature of the questions seemed wholly appropriate: judging by the standard of performance, the quality of teaching is high - the number of merits and distinctions reflect this.  While the number of merits seems high, they reflect an appropriate standard of assessment.