MSc IPE External Examiners' comments

Comments from External Examiners on the 2014-2015 session:

External Examiner A

Overall the programme continues to be well administered, well examined, and diligently marked. The best work was really excellent, and is testimony to a well taught programme and many excellent students enrolled on it. I continue to believe having electronic / typed comments as standard – if that is not the current practice – is worth considering.

The breadth of the syllabus has increased incrementally over my three years. There remains an understandable preponderance of mainstream rationalist, positivist North American IPE. There has been over the last 3 years, I note, some more critical, heterodox, approaches evoked in questions and so on. In my view, reflecting this breadth in the field is welcome and to be encouraged. There is a bit more reflectivist, constructivist work in the syllabus. approaches. It is a rich syllabus, but perhaps one that could be broadened further – to include other themes and approaches – including Gender and IPE.

External Examiner B

This Programme provides an encompassing overview of major issues in international political economy, from environmental protection to migration and other important topics. The quality of teaching is of high standard, and the courses are fairly demanding in terms of the empirical knowledge required. Methods of assessment are varied and combine both a encompassing assessment of empirical and theoretical knowledge with more research-based papers. The quality of student papers and dissertations is of a high standard.

External Examiner C

The MSc  International Political Economy is an excellent programme which provides students with a comprehensive advanced level analysis of contemporary theories, developments and issues  in the global political economy. The course material is developed and delivered by some of the leading academics in the field supported by some input from experienced high level practitioners. Aspects of the programme are unique to the LSE – such as the Economic Diplomacy module.. Assessment of the programme takes traditional forms. Feedback to students is detailed, constructive and consistent. The teaching is excellent and provides clear learning opportunities for students. This all contributes to very good student performance on  with some notable exceptional performance by the most able students.