Conference Papers and Readings

A conference at Europe House organised by the London School of Economics, and the Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust

Thursday 22 November and Friday 23 November 2012

Conference Papers

Below are some of the conference papers available for download:


EEAS one year on OXFAM summary| [PDF]

EEAS one year on OXFAM| - full [PDF]

CLEER-Principles and Practices of EU external representation| [PDF]

EEAS-Foreign-Ministers-report-2012| [PDF]

Simon-Duke-EEAS-LSE-Conference-Nov-2012| [Powerpoint]

Recommended Reading

'State of Repair' by K Schake, Foreign Policy 11 April 2012|

Futures for Diplomacy - Hocking| [PDF]

SPENCE Commission's External Service| [PDF]

Working Together: the OSCE relationship with other relevant international organisations - Lars-Erik Lundin| [PDF]

EEAS – Report by the EU Sub-Committee on External Affairs of the House of Lords| [Word]

Dan Smith's blog: Time to rescue the EU’s External Action Service from the European Commission|  [Word]


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PRIOR REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL for both seating and security purposes.  Please register on the form below, with a contribution of £20 towards administrative expenses, and return to Win Burton at 134 Main Road, Long Hanborough OX29 8JY,

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