Non-academic user groups

The research is likely to be of interest to three groups of non-academic users: relevant government departments, non-governmental organisations, and media representatives. Among British governmental departments, user engagement will focus on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (including its diplomatic representatives abroad) and the Department for International Development. 

Potential users from the non-governmental sector include International Crisis Group as well as local and regional organisations concerned with transnational issues affecting human and state security. Users from the media likely to be interested in the project include the major news organisations and print media with dedicated coverage of Africa and Asia, including their research arms.

The research will also have value for a range of other users outside the academic community. For example, the research findings will complement work funded by European political foundations operating in Asia and Africa. It will also be of value to all those members of the public interested in how successful regional organisations and their members are in finding ways to provide effective responses to transnational security challenges.