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Nanotechnology Oversight in Asia and Europe (2009-10)

This project examines emerging nanotechnology policies in selected Asian countries and the European Union. Funded by a Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) research grant, it is being conducted in collaboration with Prof. Darryl Jarvis and other colleagues at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. 

The project examines recent developments in nanotechnology policy and regulation in China, India, Taiwan and the European Union. Based on field research and interviews with regulatory experts, the project team has produced detailed studies of each of the four cases. These were presented and discussed at an expert-level workshop held in Singapore in April 2010.

Draft versions of these case studies are available for downloading:

  • Darryl Jarvis and Noah Richmond (2010): 'Mapping Emerging Nanotechnology Policies and Regulations: The People's Republic of China', working paper. [download]  
  • Nico Jaspers (2010): 'Nanotechnology Policy and Regulation: The Case of India', working paper. [download]
  • Mika Purra & Noah Richmond (2010): 'Mapping Emerging Nanotechnology Policies and Regulation: The Case of Taiwan', working paper. [download]
  • Nico Jaspers and Robert Falkner: Nanotechnology Policy and Regulation: the Case of the European Union', working paper. [download]