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Working Paper Series

Global South Working Papers Series

The Global South Unit is now soliciting submissions for its Working Paper Series. We welcome research manuscripts of the standard of quality expected of submissions to academic journals or academic book chapters. All manuscripts must be original scholarly efforts which make a substantive contribution to scientific knowledge concerning the following subjects:

  • South-South cooperation
  • Latin America in a global context
  • Emergence of China in the South
  • Foreign Policies of the South
  • Regionalism and the South

Authorship of papers is not limited to members of academic faculties; practitioners and independent researchers are also encouraged to apply. Submissions must conform to the following format requirements:

  1. Chicago style must be used for textual citations and bibliographic references.
  2. The file format must be Microsoft Word (and not .pdf).
  3. A title page must include, in addition to the title, the names of the author(s), an address for correspondence, an abstract with keywords, and the month and year of submission.
  4. Line spacing must be 1.5, margins 1”, and the text justified.
  5. A word limit of 8000 must be observed.
  6. Submit to  
  7. The Global South Unit’s decisions to publish on its website are final.