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Global South Unit FAQ

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What is the Global South Unit?

- The Global South Unit is based in the LSE International Relations Department.


- It has the independence, agility and academic weight to set the research agenda, generate innovative ideas and communicate views from the perspective of the Global South. 


- The goal of the GSU is to contribute and lead the debate through our research, analysis and innovative ideas. Our vision is to help create a prosperous Global South which pioneers sustainable approaches to responsible social and economic development and good governance.


Who are the contributors?

- The unit is led by Dr Chris Alden, Reader of the International Relations Department. 


- It draws on the expertise of leading academics, practitioners, policy makers, business leaders and influential actors from the Global South.


- The GSU works closely with LSE’s affiliate universities in the Global South.

What are the outputs?

-The Unit focuses on commissioning, collating and contributing research about the Global South, produced by leading actors from the South and from the global academic community.


-The GSU contributes and shapes the debate through: research, working papers, publications, speaking at events and hosting conferences.


- The GSU’s work output forms part of the LSE’s International Relations Department curriculum, in cooperation with the North-South Workshop.


- With the generous sponsorship of The Development Bank of Latin America, the GSU facilitates a visiting fellowship, an annual conference and a scholarship programme for students from Latin America.


- The GSU hosts events at LSE featuring prominent speakers from the Global South.


What is unique about it?

- The unit’s strength and unique contribution to the debate lies in its circle of learning. It is not based on theory alone; contributing academics have real experience of social and economic development in the Global South and feed these learnings back into their work and to the wider academic community.


- The GSU enables the South to define the world in its own terms and express its own views, learnings and developments.