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Upcoming Events

29 October 2014: Rethinking a new development agenda for Latin America|

Time: 18:30-20:00
: Hong Kong Theatre
Speaker: President Enrique Garcia

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis.

Previous Events

21 July 2014: CAF-LSE Visiting Fellow| - Public Lecture: Brazilian Strategies in Global Order: Domestic Politics and Geopolitical Ambition in an Emerging Democracy

Time: 18:30-20:00
Venue: CLM.2.02
Speaker: Prof. Matias Spektor
Chair: Dr. Alvaro Mendez
Discussant: Prof. Chris Alden

30th to 31st May 2014: Challenges to Emerging and Established Powers: Brazil and the United Kingdom in the Contemporary Global Order

Time: Friday 09:00am- Saturday 16:00pm
Venue: Edgbaston campus, Nicolson Building, University of Birmingham
Chair: Dr. Marco Vieira

The questions of how emerging powers will affect the global order, and the international regimes and norms that sustain it, is fast becoming one of the most pressing of the twenty-first century. Brazil and the United Kingdom are prime examples of new and old powers which are trying to adapt their foreign policies to the fast-changing context of global politics and governance. Set over two days at the University of Birmingham, this workshop will critically examine the prospects of either cooperation or competition between Brazil and the United Kingdom in several dimensions of contemporary global order.

2nd May 2014: Entrepreneurship in Latin America: RED Report Lecture| 

Time: 11:30am-1:00pm
Venue: 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields - 32L.LG.04|

Speakers:  Enrique Garcia and Daniel E. Ortega
Chair:   Professor Chris Alden
Discussant:  Dr. Álvaro Méndez 

The LSE Global South Unit is delighted to invite its members to attend a Public Lecture by Daniel E. Ortega, Senior Economist and Impact Evaluation Coordinator at the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF). 

The lecture will present the findings of official data and results from a survey conducted in 17 cities across the region, which found that Latin America boasts a high rate of entrepreneurship among its workforce, however, 75 percent of the region's entrepreneurs are micro-entrepreneurs with less than five employees, many of which are one-man shows. These results illustrate a noteworthy contrast between Latin America and more developed countries; the region's companies are smaller, and few can boast high growth potential.

Enrique García has been president and CEO of CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) since December 1991. He is the Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Latin America, Vice President of Canning House, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Dialogue, member of the Advisory Board of the Latin American Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Harvard Kennedy School Dean ́s Council, the board of the Doña Maria de las Mercedes Foundation in Seville, among others.

Dr. Ortega is also an adjunct professor at IESA Business School in Caracas. His research focuses on microeconomics of development, with emphasis on social experimentation and impact evaluation of public policies in different areas such as education, citizen security, sports for development and tax collection. His research has been published in refereed academic journals and has been part of the team producing CAF's flagship report since 2006. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland.. 

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required. Entry is on a first come, first served basis.

2nd May, 2014Shanghai University Business School  |official visit by a delegation of students and faculty. 

Time:  10:00-1:00pm
32 Lincoln's Inn Fields--32L.LG.04
Chair: Dr. Alvaro Mendez

The LSE Global South unit is delighted to welcome an official delegation from the prestigious MBA Programme at Shanghai University. The visit is intended to foster collaboration between the Global South Unit and Shanghai University. Students will be given a short talk by Dr. Alvaro Mendez and then will enjoy a tour of the LSE. This will be followed by an important lecture by Enrique Garcia (President of the Development Bank of Latin America) and Daniel E. Ortega (Senior Economist at CAF).

27th January, 2014: Brazil's Economic Outlook|  The LSE Global South Unit is delighted to invite its members to attend a Public Lecture by the Governor of Banco Central do Brasil. In this lecture, Governor Alexandre Tombini will discuss the current state of the Brazilian economy and perspectives on the future, with a focus on monetary policy. This important event will be chaired by LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun. This event is free and open to all however a ticket is required, only one ticket per person can be requested. For additional information on how to obtain tickets, please visit the page of the event|.

17th January, 2014: First Annual CAF-LSE Conference, The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century|   Perhaps the most important development of the contemporary century is the emergence of the global South onto the stage of world politics. The first annual CAF-LSE conference will be held on Friday 17th January 2014 at the London School of Economics. This conference will contribute to understanding the rise of the global South by focusing on key international actors from the regions, their perspective on global issues, the role of South-South cooperation as a development paradigm, and their current impact on a changing global environment.  

International speakers will present their perspectives on this emerging phenomena through empirical investigation, case studies and panel discussions which will address the actual strategic aims of actors from the global South. They will also explore the structural problems the South is facing, with a view to advancing the conceptualisation of a clear and effectual foreign policy for these emerging powers. 

A video stream of the conference can be found on the LSE website| 

5th September, 2013:Turnaround: Third World Lessons for First World Growth|    The LSE Global South Unit is delighted to invite its members to attend a Public Lecture organized by TRIUM and the Department of Management. In this lecture, Economist Peter Blair Henry will illustrate how countries like Brazil and Mexico have turned themselves around, while First World nations, battered by crises, depend more than ever on sustained growth in emerging markets. This important event will be chaired by LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun.

11th July, 2013: UNDP Human Development Report Consultation |  The LSE Global South Unit in cooperation with the UNDP hosted an important  Consultation to discuss the 2014 Human Development Report. The Consultation took place at the London School of Economics, and was by invitation only. Leading academics and representatives of civil society were invited to offer their expertise on the topic Reducing Vulnerabilities and Deepening Progress. From the beginning, the Report has been a pioneer of methodological innovation and development thinking. Often provocative, the Report was launched in 1990 with the goal of putting people at the centre of development, going beyond income to assess people’s long-term well-being.

10th July, 2013: The Rise of the Global South: Human Progress in a Diverse World|  The LSE Global South Unit hosted Director Khalid Malik. As the lead author of the 2013 UNDP Human Development Report, Mr Malik shared the important findings of the report and highlighted the unprecedented speed and scale of the rise of the Global South. A podcast of this event is available to download here|.

12th February, 2013: The Challenges of Latin America and the New Global South|  Addressing a crowded audience at the Hong Kong Theatre, Enrique Garcia, President of the Development Bank of Latin America|, delivered a powerful message about the new challenges and opportunities faced by Latin American countries and the New Global South in the 21st Century. A podcast of this event is available to download  here| .