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Research group on Global Historical Sociology

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Historical sociology is the study of the historical emergence, reproduction and breakdown of social orders. Historical sociology is an interdisciplinary field, sharing a concern with incorporating temporality in the study of processes ranging from the spread of the market to the impact of revolutions on domestic and international orders. Global historical sociology studies the transnational features of these processes, whether this means the necessarily international features of capitalist accumulation or the role of ideas and social movements in fostering change within, between and beyond state borders. In short, global historical sociology is concerned with the inter-societal features of historical development.

The LSE group in global historical sociology is an informal network of scholars and students who meet once a term to discuss work in progress, run workshops and organize lectures. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the group's convenor: George Lawson (g.lawson@lse.ac.uk|).

Further information and resources are available at http://historical-sociology.org/|



George Lawson, International Relations (convenor of the group)
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Craig Calhoun, Director of LSE

Toby Dodge, International Relations

Tarak Barkawi, International Relations

Barry Buzan, International Relations
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Iver Neumann, International Relations

Nawal Mustafa, International Relations

Arne Westad, International History
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Taylor Sherman, International History
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Stephen Broadberry, Economic History
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Alejandra Irigoin, Economic History
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Tirthankar Roy, Economic History
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Leigh Gardner, Economic History
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John Sidel, Government
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John Chalcraft, Government
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Francisco Panizza, Government
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John Breuilly, Government
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Neil Ketchley, Government
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Mike Farquhar, Government