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Training, capacity-building and executive education programmes

The International Trade Policy Unit (ITPU) offers to design, organise and deliver training programmes on trade and trade-related issues for trade practitioners and policy makers, business interests, and civil society groups. These courses can be held and conducted either at LSE or in a host institution virtually anywhere in the world.

Training programmes typically fall into the following categories:

  • World Trade Organization (WTO) awareness programmes: Ideal for diplomats, civil servants, business interests, and civil society groups who wish to familiarise themselves with how the multilateral system works and with contemporary developments

  • Courses in contemporary trade issues: Ideal for practitioners and those with some knowledge of the system to bring themselves up to speed on current issues and how they are likely to develop

  • Regional trade agreements or regional issues in trade agreements: Ideal for people interested in the functioning of the EU or North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and how these agreements work and differ from the multilateral system. Also ideal for policy makers looking at possible regional options

  • Courses on economic or trade diplomacy: Ideal for developing or transition economy trade policy practitioners and diplomats dealing with the complex interrelationship between trade negotiations and other types of economic diplomacy

  • Capacity building courses for developing countries: Ideal for developing countries, particularly small and isolated island economies, or less developed countries (LDCs), who find it difficult to participate meaningfully in trade negotiations at either the regional or multilateral levels

The ITPU can also design and conduct training programmes and courses that address the specific needs of a client or interest.

Our experience with the design and conduct of trade and trade-related courses has been extensive (see Events|).

Contacting us for training, capacity-building or executive education programmes

See Consultancy services|.

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