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FORNET was a European Foreign Policy Research Network funded by the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme, which functioned from 2003 to 2006. It represented the first formal attempt to structure and co-ordinate a network of researchers across Europe focusing on foreign policy governance. FORNET was a forum for informed discussion and scholarly debate on all aspects of European foreign policy among academics and practitioners. It aimed to modernise, widen and deepen research in this vital area of EU policy, building on a foundation of informal cooperation between its core members, who have been investigating and writing about European foreign policy for over twenty years. 

The research agenda of FORNET was divided into five core areas:

  • The Evolution of ESDP
  • CFSP and Enlargement
  • Theories and Approaches towards CFSP
  • The Evolution and Democratic Accountability of CFSP Institutions
  • CFSP in a Regional Perspective: Dialogue, Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution

Responsibility for coordinating each core research topic was divided between various members of FORNET. Regular workshops were held to promote and discuss the most recent research made in each field.

The steering group consisted of: Professor Esther Barbe' from Barcelona, Professor Christian Franck from TEPSA in Brussels, Professor Wolfgang Wessels from University of Cologne and Professor Christopher Hill from the LSE and later Cambridge University (Coordinator). The other partners in the network were: University of Vienna; Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Bulgarian European Community Studies Association; Cyprus Institute for Mediterranean, European and International Studies; Institute of International Relations, Czech Republic; Danish Institute for International Studies; Estonian Foreign Policy Institute; Institut fuer Europeaeische Politik, Germany; Greek Centre of European Studies and Research; Finnish Institute of International Affairs; Institut francais des relations internationals, France; Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Hungary; University College Dublin, Ireland; Istituto Affari Internazionali, Italy; University of Malta; Netherlands Institute of International Relations; European Centre Natolin, Poland; Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Portugal; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Swedish Institute of International Affairs; Turkish Universities Association in EC Studies.

FORNET produced a bimonthly publication, CFSP Forum, which was edited by Dr Karen E Smith (LSE) from 2003 to 2008. All of the issues from 2003 to 2008 will shortly be available here. Click here for the index of articles which were published in CFSP Forum from 2003 to 2008.

CFSP Forum issues:

Vol. 1, no. 1 Vol. 2, no. 6 Vol. 4, no. 2 Vol. 5, no. 4
Vol. 1, no. 2 Vol. 3, no. 1 Vol. 4, no. 3 Vol. 5, no. 5
Vol. 1, no. 3 Vol. 3, no. 2 Vol. 4, no. 4 Vol. 5, no. 6
Vol. 2, no. 1 Vol. 3, no. 3 Vol. 4, no. 5 Vol. 6, no. 1
Vol. 2, no. 2 Vol. 3, no. 4 Vol. 4, no. 6 Vol. 6, no. 2
Vol. 2, no. 3 Vol. 3, no. 5 Vol. 5, no. 1 Vol. 6, no. 3
Vol. 2, no. 4 Vol. 3, no. 6 Vol. 5, no. 2 Vol. 6, no. 4
Vol. 2, no. 5 Vol. 4, no. 1 Vol. 5, no. 3  

FORNET also regularly updated a bibliography of works on European foreign policy. The last update was done in 2006 and is available here. In addition, in October 2004, a 'state of the art' report was produced on the acquis academique regarding CFSP. 

For three years, FORNET participants also contributed reports about the impact of CFSP on national foreign policies. All of the reports will be uploaded here:

2005: Austria  Bulgaria  Cyprus  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  Greece  Ireland  Italy Poland  Portugal  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  UK

2004: Austria  Belgium  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Finland  Germany  Greece  Italy    Poland  Portugal  Slovenia  Spain  UK

2003: Austria  Belgium  Bulgaria  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Ireland  Italy Portugal  Slovenia  Spain  Sweden  Turkey  UK