EFPU working paper series

EFPU Publications include Working Papers, Policy Notes, and Reports


  • EFPU Policy Note No. 1: 'Responding to Conflict and Promoting Stability: European Policy in the Middle East and North Africa', by Dr Nicholas Westcott, European External Action Service
  • EFPU working paper 2017-1 [PDF] 'The (European) Empire Strikes Back?': Applying the Imperial Paradigm to Understand the European Court of Justice's imbroglio in Western Sahara, by Gabriel Coupeau


  • EFPU working paper 2014-1 [PDF]: Multiple Practices and Styles: Analysing Variation in EU Foreign Policy Negotiations, by Nicola Chelotti


  • EFPU working paper 2012-1 [PDF]: European Union Foreign Policy after Lisbon: Five Lessons Learned from a Series of Roundtables, by Karen E. Smith


  • EFPU working paper 2011-2 [PDF]: The Lisbon Treaty and the Common Foreign and Security Policy: A Leap Forward or More of the Same?, by Federica Bicchi and Caterina Carta 
  • EFPU working paper 2011-1 [PDF]: The Decline of the EU's 'Magnetic Attraction'? The European Union in the Eyes of Neighbouring Arab Countries and Russia, by Elisabeth Johansson-Nogues


  • EFPU working paper 2010-1 [PDF]: Portugal and the EU's Eastern Enlargement: A Logic of Identity Endorsement by Martijn Schukkink and Arne Niemann



  • EFPU working paper 2008-3 [PDF]: Italian Foreign Policy After The Cold War by Fabio Fossati 
  • EFPU working paper 2008-2 [PDF]: Outreach, Overstretch or Underhand? Strategies for cross-regional consensus in support of a UN General Assembly Resolution on a Moratorium on the use of the death penalty by Robert E Kissack
  • EFPU working paper 2008-1 [PDF]: The EU in the World: Future Research Agendas by Karen E Smith


  • EFPU working paper 2007-1 [PDF]: European Union Member State coordination in the United Nations system: towards a methodology for analysis by Robert Kissack


  • EFPU working paper 2006-1 [PDF]: Canada-EU Cooperation in Military Crisis-Management: Principles, Modalities and Practice by Justin Fraterman



  • EFPU working paper 2003-3  [PDF]: Looking After The Neighbourhood: Responsibilities for the EU-25 by William Wallace
  • EFPU working paper 2003-2 [PDF]: Parliamentary accountability in EU foreign and defence policy: a preliminary assessment of the Convention on the 'Future of Europe' debate by Stelios Stavridis & Anna Vallianatou
  • EFPU working paper 2003-1  [PDF]: Superstate or Superpower? The future of the European Union in world politics by Christopher Hill


  • EFPU working paper 2002-4 [PDF]: EU Foreign Policy since 11 September 2001: Renationalising or Regrouping? by Christopher Hill, LSE. First annual guest lecture in the 'Europe in the World' Centre series, University of Liverpool, 24 Oct 2002.
  • EFPU working paper 2002-3 [PDF]: The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union: Conventions, Constitutions and Consequentiality by Christopher Hill
  • EFPU working paper 2002-2 [PDF]: Reconciliation in Cyprus: the window of opportunity by William Wallace
  • EFPU working paper 2002-1 [PDF]: Field-level CFSP: EU Diplomatic Cooperation in Third Countries by Dr. Tim Bale, Lecturer in Political Science, Victoria University of Wellington (This Working Paper has already appeared in the journal Current Politics and Economics of Europe, Vol. 10, Number 2, pp 187-212. It appears here by kind permission of the author, of the Journal's then Editor, Professor Justin Greenwood of the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, and of the publisher, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Details of Current Politics and Economics of Europe may be found on-line here).


  • EFPU working paper 2001-3 [PDF]: "Consistency" and the CFSP: A Categorization and Its Consequences by Simon J Nuttall, a member of EFPU
  • EFPU Working Paper 2001/2: The Image, The State and International Relations, (hard copy available only). The booklet is the proceedings of conference which took place at LSE in June 1999, and was produced by Jana Valencic and Alan Chong, and published under EFPU's auspices (ISBN 07530 1456 4). If you would like a copy, you can order one from the Economist Bookshop, Clare Market, Portugal Street, London WC2A 2AB (tel: 020-7405-5531). The booklet costs £4.50; £2.40 for postage and handling. Cheques should be payable to Waterstones.
  • EFPU working paper 2001-1 [PDF]: Justifying EU Foreign Policy: The Logics Underpinning EU Enlargement by Dr Karen E Smith (LSE) and Helene Sjursen (Arena, Oslo). 
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