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Research student conference on European foreign policy, LSE 2-3 July 2004

Below is a list of the papers presented at the conference. All are Microsoft Word documents except where noted.

Europe as a Security Actor

The "Forgotten" European Political Community, 1952-54
|Linda Risso, Cambridge University

EU Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management Policies in African Regional Conflicts: coherence in the "one-stop-shop"?
|Sébastian Loisel, Sciences-Po, Paris

CESDP: towards an EU strategic culture?
|Vasilis Margaras, Loughborough University

Addressing a Peripheral Threat: Examining the problem of nuclear human capital dissemination in a European context
|Alisa Carrigan, King's College

The European Union's Foreign Economic Policy

Trade in EU Foreign Relations: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Chile
|Maria Jesus Garcia, Bristol University

Variable Geometry in the Community's Foreign Economic Relations: The Common Commercial Policy and Effectiveness in International Trade Negotiations
|Nathaniel Lalone, Cambridge University

Power and Pressure in EU Agenda-Setting - A Case-Study of Negotiations between the EU and South Africa
|Magdalena Larsén, University of Westminster

Theorizing European Foreign Policy

The Notion of Solidarity in European Foreign Policy: a Realist-Constructivist Approach
|Thanasis Pinakas, Lund University/European Parliament

The European Union as a Risk Community: New Perspectives for European Security Policy| [PDF]
Moritz Weiss, Ludwig-Maximilian Universitaet, Munich

Thinking Outside the Box: The EU as a Foreign Policy System
|Christian Kaufholz, London School of Economics and Political Science

EU Defence Cooperation as a Collective Action Problem|
Christoph Raab, Kent University 

The European Union's Neighbourhood Policies

Between Enlargement and CFSP: the EU and the Western Balkans
|Dimitar Bechev, Oxford University

The EU's New Neighbourhood Policy Towards the Western Newly Independent States: The Case of Ukraine
|Ivaylo Gatev, University of Bath

Romanian Foreign Policy Change: From Isolation to Dependence (1989-1994)|
Alina-Alex Georgescu, University of Limerick

Europe and the Israelis: Influencing Foreign Public Opinion with Foreign Policy|
Ofer Zalzberg, London School of Economics and Political Science

The European Union and the Far East

Courting the Dragon: The European Union's China Policy|
John Armstrong, University of Limerick

Expectations Deficit in EU Foreign Relations: Problems and Prospects of EU-Japan Partnership|
Michito Tsuruoka, King's College

The New Frontier: EU Relations with China|
Matt Burnett, University of Reading

Some papers are in PDF format so you will need to download a free Acrobat Reader from Adobe if you don't already have it.

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