LSE-Challenge working papers

The LSE was a participant in the EU-funded research project, Challenge: Liberty and Security, which ran from 2005 to 2009 ( Dr Karen E. Smith headed an LSE team of researchers, who sought to explain the extent to which concerns about illegal immigration, terrorism, and organised crime have been included in the EU's relations with third countries, have affected those relations and have had an impact on the third countries themselves. The researchers produced a series of working papers, which are available below. See also the report on our contribution to the project: Report on the contribution of LSE to the Challenge project 2008.[PDF]

European measures to combat terrorist financing and the tension between liberty and security
William Vlcek, LSE, Sept 2005 [PDF]

The European Court of Justice and Acts to Combat the Financing of Terrorism by the European Community
William Vlcek, LSE, Nov 2005 [PDF]

Balancing between inclusion and exclusion: The EU's fight against irregular migration and human trafficking from Ukraine, Moldova and Russia
Sinikukka Saari, LSE, Jan 2006 [PDF]

Integrating the Bulgarian Security Sector in Euro-Atlantic Structures: Post-1989 Reforms in a Changing Landscape of (In)Securitisation
Victor Bojkov, LSE, June 2006 [PDF]

Under Construction: ESDP and the 'Fight Against Organized Crime'
Felix Berenskoetter, LSE, July 2006 [PDF]

Development v Terrorism - migrant remittances or terrorist financing?
William Vlcek, LSE, September 2006 [PDF]

The European Security Vanguard? Prum, Heiligendamm and Flexible Integration Theory
Raphael Bossong, LSE, January 2007 [PDF]

The Politics of Subterfuge and EU JHA Governance Capacity
Raphael Bossong, LSE, July 2007 [PDF]

The EU's Mature Counterterrorism Policy - A Critical Historical and Functional Assessment
Raphael Bossong, LSE, June 2008 [PDF]

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