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Syria and International Justice

LSE Centre for International Studies Dialogue


30 June 2014 at LSE
Thai Theatre
New Academic Building

With a draft Security Council resolution to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court vetoed, what, if anything, should the international community or other interested actors do to achieve justice in Syria?

Hashtag for this event: #LSESyriaICC


Kevin Jon Heller
Professor of Criminal Law, SOAS. @kevinjonheller

Dov Jacobs 
Asst Professor of Intl Law, Grotius Centre. @dovjacobs

Mark Kersten 
Researcher, LSE. @MarkKersten

Jason Ralph
Professor of IR, University of Leeds. @JasonRalph4

Leslie Vinjamuri 
Senior Lecturer in IR & Co-Director of CCRJ, SOAS. @londonvinjamuri


Kirsten Ainley
Director of LSE CIS. @kirstenainley

Listen to or download the audio of this event (1hr 36m, 44mb) here|