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CIS Dialogues and Events

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The Centre hosts or sponsors a range of events, including public lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences. Through these events, the Centre provides a scholarly forum for debate and dialogue between academics, practitioners from the public, private and non-governmental sectors and engaged members of the public. Events are usually open to all, with no ticket or reservation required, and free of charge, unless specified otherwise.

CIS Dialogues is a new series of events, inaugurated in 2014, which aims to facilitate in-depth, scholarly and practical dialogue on international issues of contemporary relevance.

Past Dialogues and Events


Empire, Revolt, and State Formation in the Middle East an North Africa in the 1920s

Jonathan Wyrtzen from Yale University will be speaking at this event organised by the CIS History and Theory Group. 

17 March 2015, 16:00-18:00, B.07 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE


Palestine and International Relations

This roundtable will examine the issues raised by the accession of Palestine to the International Criminal Court. The speakers will also discuss the wider justice issues involved in Israel/Palestine, including the role of international inquiries and other domestic and international attempts to end impunity in the conflict. 

Speakers include: Professor Kevin Jon Heller, Dr Dov Jacobs, Dr Michael Kearney, Dr Mark Kersten, Dr Chantal Meloni, Dr Leslie Vinjamuri 

Chair: Kirsten Ainley

18 March 2015, 18.30-20.00, New Theatre, East Building, LSE 

Listen to the Palestine and International Relations podcast|.


The Uses and Abuses of History in International Relations

A conversation between Robert Keohane and Iver Neumann organised by the CIS History and Theory Group|.

29 October 2014, 9.00-11.00, LSE


Taming the Imperial Imagination: Colonial Knowledge and Anglo-Afghan Relations, 1808-1878

A conversation between Martin Bayly, Toby Dodge & Nivi Marchanda on Bayly’s new book, organised by the CIS History and Theory Group|.

3 December 2014, 12.30-14.00, LSE


China and Responsible Protection
5 December 2014, 6.30-8.00pm
Lecture Theatre TW1.G.01, Tower 1, LSE

Dr Ruan Zongze is Vice-President of the China Institute of International Studies, editor-in-chief of the CIIS journal China International Studies and member of the UNDP Human Development Report Advisory Panel. He is an expert in China-US Relations, and will speak on the special responsibilities that Great Powers incur in the international system. This event is being run in collaboration with the LSE Department of International Relations.

Click here to listen to the audio podcast| (right-click to save).


2014 US Foreign Policy Conference
|17 – 19 September 2014, LSE 

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Global Perspectives’, reflecting the widespread impact of US foreign policy. The United States dominates the settlements of the global economy and defines the terms of international development. It is the state looked to in times of international crisis, and to lead in addressing global challenges. Yet the power and purpose behind US decision-making is the subject of perpetual debate. Critical approaches contrast American values with US actions. And America’s polarised domestic politics betray a profound ambivalence to its international role.

Organiser: Dr Nicholas Kitchen| (IDEAS LSE)


Global Social Governance Seminar: Developing international social science research and impacting the policy process|
28 July – 3 August 2014, British Council and LSE

World Social Science Fellows Programme seminar for talented early career social scientists. A collaboration between the International Social Science Council, the CIS and the UK Academy of Social Sciences.
Organiser: Professor Linda Hantrais| (LSE CIS)

Read the report here|.


CIS Dialogue: Syria and International Justice
|30 June 2014

Speakers: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri (SOAS); Professor Jason Ralph (Leeds); Mark Kersten (LSE); Dr Dov Jacobs (Grotius Centre); Professor Kevin Jon Heller (SOAS).
Chair: Dr Kirsten Ainley (LSE CIS)

Listen to or download the audio podcast (1hr 36m, 44mb) here|.


History, Theory and the Study of World Politics
|16 June 2014, LSE

From where do historians acquire the grid of concepts that organize their investigations? And from what histories and encounters do theorists develop those concepts? What is to be gained for historical and social science inquiry from greater reflexivity about the answers to these questions?

A CIS History and Theory Group| workshop investigating history and theory in the study of world politics, and also world politics and its histories as a site for the development of theoretical approaches across the social sciences.

Organisers: Dr Tarak Barkawi|; Dr George Lawson|; Dr James Morrison

Read the report here|.


Comparative Workshop on Mass Protests
13-14 June 2014, LSE

Professor Mark Beissinger (Princeton), Dr David Patel (Cornell), Elizabeth Plantan (Cornell), Professor Joshua Tucker (NYU) and Dr Ola Onuch (Oxford).

Organiser: Dr Tomila Lankina| (CIS LSE

Read the report here|.


Social Science Evidence and the Policy Process: International Insights seminars| 
October 2013 - April 2014
Alliance for Useful Evidence, Europe House, British Library and Department for Education, London

The International Advisory Group of the UK Academy of Social Sciences organised a series of five half-day seminars under the overarching title of ‘Social Science Evidence and the Policy Process: International Insights’. These seminars were based on the research outcomes of the CIS Training for Social Research| project.

Convenor: Professor Linda Hantrais| (LSE CIS)


The Euro Crisis: Towards a Fiscal and Political Union?|
30 November 2012
European Commission London office, Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU

Speakers including: Jakob Funk Kirkegaard (Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics); Clemens Fuest (Oxford University); Heribert Dieter (German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin); Gabriel Glöckler (European Central Bank).

Organisers: CIS Fellow John Ryan and Miguel Otero-Iglesias (ESSCA School of Management, Paris), in association with the European Commission.