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Moodle - IR online course materials

Moodle is the web-based location for course materials for IR Department courses. It also provides for additional teacher-to-student and student-to-student communication.

Moodle sites can be accessed via the 'Moodle' link in the Workspace box of the Staff and Students section of the LSE website, or via the 'Apps' menu at top right-hand of the LSE website. Students need to self register onto courses via the link on the Moodle homepage to gain access to the sites. Further guidance may be given in introductory lectures and classes, help in using the system is available online via the Moodle main portal.

Moodle sites are based on easy-to-navigate front pages, through which course materials, often arranged by topic, can be accessed. Each course has a different site, and each provides different resources, but sites may include reading lists (sometimes with links to the LSE library database and scanned readings), lecture handouts, notice boards, discussion groups, space for class presentations and other work, and past exam papers.

Notices about seminars and lectures may be posted on Moodle rather than emailed to students, so check the sites for your courses regularly.

You can view a list of all International Relations courses on Moodleand once you have been issued with your LSE username and password you will be able to access the content.