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Millennium Reader Project

The Reader Project has been successfully completed, and this would not have been possible without the help and support of SAGE Publications, the Millennium Team, former Reader Project Coordinator Jake Suh and all the volunteers that took part in the project. Thanks to the efforts of everyone, Millennium: Journal of International Studies can now be fully accessible on-line, and all its contents, abstracts and keywords are ready to help students, scholars and the wider public to deepen and enhance their knowledge about International Relations.

With my warmest thanks, and my best wishes for a prosperous future to everyone

Filippo Costa Buranelli

Millennium Reader Project Coordinator


Millennium started its publishing journey almost 40 years ago, at a time when online research was not as developed, leaving a number of articles from 1971 to 2007 without abstracts or keywords. Since they now form an essential part of academic articles, facilitating accessibility through global search engines such as Google and the like, the Millennium Reader Project was set up to provide abstracts and extract relevant keywords for those articles that were missing them.

This is the list of volunteers that contributed to the project (via abstracts or keywords)


Judit Mudriczki
Omer Aslan
David Britain
Marco Rossi
Mika Park
Ana Baumberg
Allie Fonarev
Viviane Dittrich
Wendy Guardado
Sini Ramo
Ali Gooyabadi
April Seungeun Lee
Filippo Costa Buranelli
Pratitee Ghose
Neha Sinha
Mathew Shearman
Mark Kersten
Lorena De Vita
Damiano de Felice
Francesco Obino
Shuxiu Zhang
Carolina De Simone
Agnieszka Grossman
Jeanette Rodrigues
Katerina Kokesova


Erin Lockwood
Arda Ozansoy
Regina Palandi


Catherine Charrett
Ee Loong Toh
Filippo Dionigi
Kyra Choucroun
Marta Iniguez-De-Heredia
Sean McFate
Kaisa Antikainen
Roberto Roccu
Daria Gorbounova
Antonio Raimundo
Christina Guo