2015 Millennium Conference

Failure and Denial in World Politics.

Date: 17-18 October, 2015

Call for Papers:   2015 Millennium Conference: Failure and Denial in World Politics

Conference Theme:  International relations are enmeshed in political failure and denial: from the governing of global climate change, financial collapse, and nuclear proliferation, to liberal statebuilding, development, and the potential for pandemics. Failure and denial reside in the background of world politics. In spite of their ubiquity and global relevance, however, it is paradoxical that these concepts remain under-theorised and under-conceptualised in International Relations scholarship. The 2015 Millennium Conference thus aspires to open new and critical grounds for debate and discussion by examining this paradox. It is a call for IR to theorise what has remained in the background of its thought and theory until now: failure and denial in world politics.

What constitutes failure and denial in world politics? What does the fear and effect of failure do to subjects, states, and international organisations? How does a state of denial affect and govern thought, conduct, politics, and subjectivity? In so far as failure and denial are socio-political categories, who can define a political outcome as a failure; how is the distinction between success and failure governed; how are failure and denial utilised as strategic tools; and how does the exposure of them feed back into political processes? What relations of power produce failures and maintain atmospheres of denial concerning gender, the postcolonial, the environmental, and insecurities of the international? How does the political recognition or denial of failure relate to temporality, memory, critique, and political action? 

Millennium welcomes the submission of abstracts (250 words max.) and panel proposals (with a minimum of 3 abstracts) on these and related topics. 

The submission deadline for abstracts is 03 July, 2015

** Please see the 'Abstract Submission' and 'Panel Submission' tabs for more information on presenting a paper at the 2015 conference.

Keynote Lecture & Speakers:


Saturday, 17 October, 2015:

Opening Address:

  • Cynthia Enloe     (Clark University)
  • Stefano Guzzini  (DIIS, Uppsala University, IRI/PUC-Rio)


  • Bruno Latour (Sciences Po)
  • [Introduction by Iver B. Neumann (LSE)]

Sunday, 18 October, 2015:

Opening Roundtable:

  • Cynthia Weber  (University of Sussex)
  • David Chandler  (University of Westminster)
  • Andrew Barry  (UCL)
  • William Walters  (Carleton University)
  • Chair:   Claudia Aradau  (King's College)

Closing Roundtable:

  • Beate Jahn  (University of Sussex)
  • Tarak Barkawi  (LSE)
  • Anna M. Agathangelou  (York University)
  • Robbie Shilliam  (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Oliver Kessler  (University of Erfurt)
  • Chair:  George Lawson  (LSE)

Closing Address: 

  • Editors, Millennium (Volume 44)

The Conference Schedule will be updated when panels for the morning and afternoon of 17-18 Oct. are allocated. (Please see the 'Abstract Submission' tab for more details)

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Abstract Submission:

Deadline: 03 July, 2015

In order to present at the 2015 Conference, please submit an abstract by completing and submitting the form below. 

Successful abstract submissions will be placed on panels based upon their quality, fit, content, dialogue with other abstracts, and/or relevancy to the conference theme. 

Due to space limitations, there is a limit of ONE ABSTRACT per conference participant (including panels). If you are submitting an abstract as part of a panel, please submit this abstract on the 'Panel Submission' tab.

** The deadline for abstract and panel submissions is 03 July, 2015. **  

Successful abstracts will then be placed on panels comprised of 3 - 5  papers, alongside a chair and discussant. 

All paper presenters must then register online, and upload their paper here, by 9 October, 2015. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact:  millennium.conference@lse.ac.uk

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Panel Submission:

Deadline: 03 July, 2015 

If you wish to submit an entire panel rather than a single abstract, you may do so by completing and submitting the form below. Please ensure that the panel comprises a Chair, a Discussant, and 3-5 papers. 

Successful panel submissions will be placed on the conference schedule based upon their quality, fit, content, dialogue between papers, and/or the relevancy of the panel to the conference theme. 

If a panel submission is unsuccessful, panelists may then indicate if they wish their papers to be placed on a waiting list for 'stand alone' papers in case spaces open up or become available on other panels later on. A place, however, cannot be guaranteed due to high demand.

Due to this high-demand and space limitations, there is a limit of ONE PANEL SUBMISSION, and ONE PAPER ABSTRACT, per conference participant. However, a Chair or discussant of one panel, may also submit a paper on a separate panel.

** The deadline for abstract and panel submissions is 03 July, 2015. **  

Chairs will be notified if their panel is successful soon after this date. It is then the chair's responsibility to ensure that their panelists submit their paper by the 9 October 2015 deadline, and that their discussant has read and engaged with each submitted paper.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact:  millennium.conference@lse.ac.uk 


  • Panel Chair
    A Panel Chair organises the panel's papers and discussant. All correspondence between the Conference Team and the panelists will usually work through the chair. As chair, if your panel is selected, it is your responsibility to ensure that all panelists meet the paper submission deadline of 9 Oct. 2015.
  • Name
  • Discussant
    The discussant will be asked to read each paper prior to the 2015 conference, and to provide feedback to paper presenters. This is to benefit the argument of each individual paper, whilst stimulating group discussion amongst paper givers and the audience.
  • -------------------------------------- Paper Presentations --- (3 - 5 Panelists)
    Please provide the name, affiliation, email, paper title, and abstract, of each proposed panelist, or 'paper giver'. If panel members must be altered after this submission is made, please email the Conference Team at millennium.conference@lse.ac.uk
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Registration & Fees:

All 2015 Conference Participants should register online here and pay their conference fee. Registration and fees include: a name badge, a conference delegates pack, all opening addresses, panels, roundtables, the keynote lecture, the conference wine reception, and on-site coffee, lunches, and snacks throughout 17-18 October.

Conference Fee:   £60 regular  (£25 for students, pending valid student ID)

Registration & Payment:  Step 1 of 3

Registration and payment takes three steps:

  1. Complete the fields below and submit your information, which registers you for the conference. 
  2. After submitting your registration, a new screen will open to pay your conference fee.  Simply select your conference fee from the drop-down menu, and enter your name below it. Then, you will be taken to a Paypal screen, where you may pay your fee by clicking on the "Pay with a debit or credit card" option. (No Paypal account is required).  
  3. Please check to ensure you have received two confirmation emails, concerning (1) Your registration details from Millennium, and (2) Confirmation of your payment from Paypal.
  • Name
  • If there is availability on a panel, would you also be willing to act as a:


** Registration may occur prior to, and throughout the conference. However, in the case of late registration, the supplies of conference delegate packs and other goods cannot be guaranteed. Participants registering on the 16-18 October may not have a printed name tag. Importantly, since registration is first-come-first-served, access to all events (e.g. Keynote lecture, conference wine reception, etc.) cannot be guaranteed in the case of latecomers, if maximum capacity for venues is reached and exceeded. Thus, it is advisable to register as soon as possible. **

Millennium will do its utmost to accommodate any disabilities or handicaps of its conference participants. However, due to the construction and nature of many LSE buildings and accommodations, and the 'new building construction' that will be occurring on the LSE campus, we regretfully cannot guarantee that every request or concern can be dealt with or accommodated. Please consult the conference team and the LSE Disability and Well-Being service if you are concerned about any potential issues arising from a disability, or from the ongoing demolition and construction work on the LSE campus.  

Travel and Accommodation:

LOCATION:  The 2015 conference will take place on the LSE campus, located in historic central London, UK, beside the famous 'Royal Courts of Justice' on the Strand.


Specific information regarding buildings, room allocation for panels, etc., will be forthcoming in the Summer.

TRAVEL:   There are many ways to get around and see London! 


ACCOMMODATION: There are a variety hotel websites that offer discount prices close to LSE. 'Bed and Breakfasts' may also offer suitable accommodation in the area.


Don't forget, it's easy to speed around London on The Tube!  It can be confusing, so click here for a Tube map.      


FOOD: Treat yourself to world-acclaimed restaurants and cuisine whilst staying in London and attending the conference!


Downtown London also boasts a multitude of shows, shops, and historic sights for you to explore! Covent Garden, the Borough Market, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Street, are all short walks away! Just check out this fashion from Dan:



LSE MAPS AND DIRECTIONS:  complete map of the campus and directions on how to get  to LSE are available on the Maps and directions web pages of the LSE website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel and accommodation arrangements in London, please contact the conference team at millennium.conference@lse.ac.uk

When is the 2015 Conference?  Where is it going to take place?

The 2015 Millennium Conference on 'Failure and Denial in World Politics' takes place over two days:

- Saturday, 17 October, 2015

- Sunday, 18 October, 2015

It is a Millennium tradition to host the conference on a weekend in October, so as to allow for students and scholars alike to meet and mingle in order to discuss the most pressing theoretical and practical issues of IR. 


The conference will take place at the LSE. Specific building locations will be forthcoming in July, 2015.

Can I submit an abstract for consideration?  If not, can I still attend?

Millennium is an inclusive journal, and we welcome the submission of abstracts from students and scholars from a variety of social science disciplines. 

Abstracts and panel submissions are due by 03 July, 2015

The greatest consideration for abstract acceptance will be towards those papers embracing or exploring this year's conference theme. However, the submission of abstracts on other topics and concerns of IR and the social sciences is still welcome, although their probability of being accepted is reduced.


Participants are NOT required to submit an abstract, present, or to sit on a panel, in order to attend the conference. However, all attendees and participants must pay the Conference Fee (see the 'Registration' tab). Millennium is a student-run journal, and does require a conference fee in order to pay for staff, services, food, coffee, security, etc.


What is the format of the conference?  Where and when are panels placed?

The conference occurs over a two-day period, 17-18 October, 2015.


The morning of Saturday, 17 October, will feature two Opening Addresses to start the conference by Prof. Enloe and Prof. Guzzini. It will be followed by a series of panels, and then a light lunch. Afterwards, another series of panels will take place after lunch in the afternoon. 


The Keynote Lecture by Prof. Bruno Latour will occur in the early-evening of Saturday, 17 Oct., followed by the conference wine reception. Details of venues and specific times are forthcoming in late-summer.


The morning of Sunday, 18 October, will feature our first roundtable discussion.  

It will be followed by a series of panels, and then a light lunch. Afterwards, another series of panels will take place in the afternoon. The afternoon roundtable discussion will then conclude the conference, after a very brief statement is made by the Millennium Editors of Volume 44.

How many abstracts and panels can I submit?

Due to limited space, there is a limit of ONE abstract submission and paper presentation per conference participant. 


This includes both panel submission and abstract submission forms. If a participant submits more than one abstract, they will be gently reminded to select their abstract of choice for consideration by the conference team and Editors.


**However, a participant may still act as a chair or discussant of one panel, and present one paper on another separate panel. Roundtable Discussants are encouraged to submit an abstract for a panel, should they desire to.


When are the submission deadlines?!?

All abstract and panel submissions are due by 03 July, 2015. 

Successful applicants will be informed in the weeks following this deadline. This allows for more than two months for their paper and presentation to be crafted.  

 Papers must be submitted and uploaded by 09 October, 2015 .  

Am I supposed to submit my paper before the conference?

Yes. Participants whose abstracts are successful will be expected to upload their papers here, on this website, by 9 October, 2015, at the latest. This will allow for the discussant of each panel to read each paper, and comment thoroughly on each presentation.

How do I register and pay for the conference?  Why isn't this event free?? 

Registration for the 2015 conference is now open!! Simply click on the 'Registration and Fees' tab on this website, and follow the instructions to register and pay.


Every conference participant and attendee is required to complete a registration form online, and then to pay their appropriate conference fee. The fees are £60 (regular) and £25 for students. Payment grants participants a name badge, access to all panels, opening addresses, roundtables, the keynote lecture, the conference wine reception, lunches and nibbles, coffee, and of course, a conference delegates pack.

Unfortunately, although we wish the conference could be free to all, it is quite expensive to operate (especially for a student-run journal!!). Fees cover everything from room bookings, security, a/v, catering, food, security, stewards, etc., to important components such as conference packs, paper and printings for schedules, and of course, coffee. However, being run by PhD students, Millennium understands how tight money and budgets can get in academia -- so we promise to make this event as inclusive and awesome as every pound can stretch!

Will there be powerpoint or audio-visual equipment available for my presentation?

No, unfortunately. This cannot be guaranteed for panels. 


Although many rooms at LSE possess some equipment for powerpoint, video, or audio-presentations, many rooms do not. Hence, we advise that presenters prepare a presentation suited for a discussion amongst colleagues, as we cannot guarantee that powerpoint or A/V facilities will be in use, unless the panel as a whole directly addresses or pertains to the audio-visual, and this has been discussed with the conference team well in advance of the conference.


I am a PhD Student. May I still submit a paper, and/or attend?

Of course! Millennium started in 1971 as an outlet to promote the critical and boundary-challenging scholarship fostered by PhDs and postdocs. 


What if I only want to see the Keynote Lecture?

There is limited space and seating for the Keynote Lecture by Prof. Latour. Priority will be given to conference participants that have paid their registration fee for the conference.


If, closer to the conference date there remains some availability, spaces for the keynote lecture will be made available. However, these extra spaces cannot be guaranteed.

How do I get into the Saturday evening reception?

Millennium is an inclusive journal, so we invite all registered conference participants to join us, Saturday evening after Prof. Latour's lecture, for some nibbles, music, drinks, and discussion.


Details of the specific time and location of the reception will be forthcoming in late summer.


What's the deal with "Millennium", anyway? 

 Ah, the 'deal'? The deal is that we're all about promoting critical, challenging, philosophically- and historically-inclined scholarship in the discipline of IR! 

Please see this epic article on Millennium's history and mandate by LSE's IR legend, Mark Hoffman!