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Millennium: Journal of International Studies

Millennium  is one of the world’s preeminent journals in the field of International Relations and has established a reputation for publishing innovative critical work by both young scholars and established figures. One of the few academic journals edited completely by postgraduate students, it maintains a high professional standard and a high level of respect throughout the field. Founded in 1971, Millennium is published three times a year (Summer, Winter, and the following Spring for the Special Issue). As of 2007, Millennium is published by SAGE, a partnership that has raised the profile of the journal and helped ensure its continued high quality.

Millennium holds an annual conference every autumn, with a selection of the papers being published as that year's Special Issue. Recent Special Issues include ‘Out of the Ivory Tower’ (Vol. 40), ‘International Relations in Dialogue’ (Vol. 39), and ‘After Liberalism?’ (Vol. 38). LSE students are encouraged to attend the conference and can do so at a discounted rate. Find out more about the annual conference|.

Every year, Millennium also hosts the Northedge Essay Competition. This competition furthers a Millennium tradition of publishing innovative student work in a journal open to new ideas and approaches to International Relations. The Northedge Essay Competition is open to any student who is currently pursuing or has recently completed a degree in International Relations or a related field and is named after Professor F. S. Northedge, the founder of the journal.

Working with Millennium is ideal for students who are looking for a way to sharpen critical skills, gain organisational experience, or keep up-to-date with the latest research in International Relations. Our weekly Editorial Board meetings, every Thursday from 1-2pm, are always open to new members and involve students in lively discussion and debate. Please contact Millennium staff to find out about how to get involved.

For more information, please drop by the Millennium office in Clement House in room CLM 7.10 or email us at millennium@lse.ac.uk|.

Postgraduate students from all departments within LSE and other London Universities are welcome. The Editors look forward to meeting you.



The 29th Northedge Essay Competition is now open. Details are available here|. Deadline: 15 February 2014.


Issue 42(1) is now online.|


  • David Chandler – ‘Human-Centred’ Development? Rethinking ‘Freedom’ and ‘Agency’ in Discourses of International Development
  • Gerard van der Ree – The Politics of Scientific Representation in International Relations
  • Mai’a K. Davis Cross – The Military Dimension of European Security: An Epistemic Community Approach
  • John Anthony Pella, Jr – Thinking Outside International Society: A Discussion of the Possibilities for English School Conceptions of World Society
  • Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu – What’s at Stake in the Transition Debate? Rethinking the Origins of Capitalism and the ‘Rise of the West’

Forum: International Relations and the ‘Death of God’

  • Aggie Hirst and Nicholas Michelsen – Introduction: International Relations and the ‘Death of God’
  • Michael Dillon – Afterlife: Living Death to Political Spirituality
  • Aggie Hirst – Violence, Self-authorship and the ‘Death of God’: The ‘Traps’ of the Messianic and the Tragic
  • Tom Houseman – Auschwitz as Eschaton: Adorno’s Negative Rewriting of the Messianic in Critical Theory
  • Mustapha Kamal Pasha – Nihilism and the Otherness of Islam
  • Nicholas Michelsen – Liberalism, Political Theology and Suicide Bombing

Review Articles

  • Markus Patberg – Constituent Power beyond the State: An Emerging Debate in International Political Theory
  • Matthew Morgan – Liberalism in Crisis: A Collapsing World Order
  • Corey Ranford-Robinson – Cosmopolitanism and Liberal Universalism in International Relations Theory: Moralising Politics or Politicising Ethics?