Dr Victor Figueroa-Clark

Research and Publications

I am a Latin Americanist with a particular interest in left-wing politics across the region. My PhD research looked at the Chilean left during the Pinochet dictatorship, its relations with the Socialist countries, and in particular, how it participated in the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. I am also interested in current affairs and keep a close eye on developments in Latin America, especially in Chile, Nicaragua and Colombia.

Publications and Conference Papers

September 2009 LSE IDEAS The End of the Cold War and the Third World Conference "The Internationalism of the Chilean Left and the End of the Cold War in Latin America"

September 2009 Florence Cold War Summer School "Doing What They Know: Chileans in the Sandinista Armed Forces"

April 2009 LSE Cold War Studies Conference "Chilean Internationalism in Nicaragua"

March 2008 Society of Latin American Studies "Chile: Democracy and Prospects"


HY239: Latin America and the United States since 1898|

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Office number: E493

E-mail Address: V.R.Figueroa-Clark@lse.ac.uk|

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Monday: 12.30am-1.30pm