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Dr Stephan Lehnstaedt

Research and Interests

Stephan Lehnstaedt is Research Fellow at the German Historical Institute Warsaw| (GHIW) and currently on leave for the London School of Economics and Political Science.

His main fields of interest are the history of the two World Wars, the Holocaust, and its compensation in the 21st century. Currently, he is finishing a monograph comparing the imperialism of Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I with that of the Nazis in World War II, both on the example of occupied Poland.

Lehnstaedt received his PhD from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU) in 2008 and has worked from 2005-2009 at Institut für Zeitgeschichte Munich (IfZ) and from 2010 onwards at GHIW. Furthermore, he served as a visiting lecturer at LMU and Humboldt University Berlin. In June and July 2013 Dr Lehnstaedt was invited as visiting research fellow by the Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut für Kriegsfolgen-Forschung, Graz (Austria).

From 2008 to 2010 he provided expert opinion for various German social courts dealing with ghetto labour pensions. In December 2012 Dr Lehnstaedt was heard by the German Bundestag on that topic. He has wide experience with press and radio, and also worked with television in Germany and Poland.


In the last years, Dr Lehnstaedt has published two monographs dealing with German everyday life in occupied Eastern Europe during World War II (Okkupation im Osten. Besatzeralltag in Warschau und Minsk 1939-1944, Munich: Oldenbourg 2010 – Polish version to be published in 2014) and the compensation of Jewish ghetto labour after 1945 (Geschichte und Gesetzesauslegung. Zu Kontinuität und Wandel des bundesdeutschen Wiedergutmachungsdiskurses am Beispiel der Ghettorenten, Osnabrück: Fibre 2011). His most recent publication is an edition of documents by Nazi Einsatzgruppen in Poland in 1939 (Die Berichte der Einsatzgruppen aus Polen 1939. Vollständige Edition, Berlin: Metropol 2013 – co-published together with Jochen Böhler). Among three further co-edited volumes and several book chapters stand more than a dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals in German, English, Polish, French, and Hebrew. For a full publication list, click here|.

In addition, Dr Lehnstaedt presented papers in Russia, the US, and five European countries; in Munich and Warsaw he organized three international conferences.


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HY116: International History since 1890|

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Dr Stephan Lehnstaedt