Dr Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

Research and Publications

Dr Unkovski-Korica's primary research interests lie in Yugoslavia, the Cold War and Communism. He recently completed his doctorate at the LSE on the impact of international factors on the evolution of the 'Yugoslav Road to Socialism' in the decade following the Tito-Stalin split. 

His first monograph, entitled  The Economic Struggle for Power in Tito’s Yugoslavia: From World War II to Non-Alignment, is under contract from IB Tauris and will be published in 2014. This project has also spawned an interest in the interaction between the Yugoslav Communists and the Western Left during the Cold War, with implications for the ideological transformations of both in the post-Cold War context. 

His other forthcoming publications include:

  • ‘Workers’ Councils in the Service of the Market: New Archival Evidence on the Origins of Self-Management in Yugoslavia 1948-1950’, Europe-Asia Studies, published online November 2013; forthcoming in print
  • ‘The Yugoslav Communists’ Special Relationship with the British Labour Party 1950-1956’, Cold War History, published online April 2013, forthcoming in print, February 2014)
  • ‘Self-management, Development and Debt: The Rise and Fall of the “Yugoslav Experiment”’ in Igor Štiks and Srećko Horvat, The Rebel Peninsula: Radical Politics after Yugoslavia, Verso, forthcoming, 2014


At undergraduate level:

HY241: What is History? Methods and Debates|
HY314: Representing the Past: Historiography and Historical Methods|

At Masters level:

HY400: Crisis Decision-Making in War and Peace 1914-2003|

Contact Details

Office number: EAS.E306

E-mail Address: V.Unkovski-Korica@lse.ac.uk|

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Monday: 2:30-3:30pm
Tuesday: 1:30-2:30pm