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Current Research Students

Student               Provisional Thesis Title         Supervisor

Ranji Alaaldin Shia Identity in Iraq Dr Kirsten Schulze
Sara Al-Qaiwani Nationalism, Revolution and Feminism: Women in Egypt and Iran 1880-1980 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Sarah Ashraf Of Military and Militancy: The rise of Pakistan’s Praetorian Military Structure and its Relationship with Militant Islam Dr Kirsten Schulze
Daniel Berman Coming Soon Dr Svetozar Rajak
Bastiaan Bouwman Becoming politics. Human rights institutionalization and international civil society in the Netherlands and Britain in the 1970s Dr N. Piers Ludlow
Gary Blank British Foreign Policy and the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) Dr Joanna Lewis
David Broder Bandiera Rossa: Communists in German-occupied Rome, 1943-44 Professor Alan Sked
Jean-Luc Brunet Coming Soon Professor Alan Sked
Rosalind Coffey British press coverage of decolonisation in Africa, 1957-60 Dr Joanna Lewis
Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo From Sepharad to Freedom: Jewish Refugees and Rescue Operations in Spain and Portugal during the Holocaust, 1940-1945 Professor P aul Preston

Alexandre Dab

National Foreign Policies and European Political Cooperation, 1979-1981: A Historical Analysis of the Venice Declaration Dr N. Piers Ludlow

Vladimir Dobrenko

Institutions of Peace for the Cold War:

The History of the Soviet Committee for the Defence of Peace and its Affiliated Institutions, 1949-1991

Professor Arne Westad
Oliver Elliott American war journalism in Korea and Vietnam Dr Steven Casey
Scott Gilfillan Convenient Imperialism: Britain and France in Tokugawa Japan, 1858-1869 Dr Antony Best
Jonas Gjersø The Evolving Motives of British Policy in East Africa, 1877-1896 Dr Joanna Lewis 
Benedict Greening Conservative Politics in the British Caribbean during the period of de-colonialisation, 1950-1980 Dr Joanna Lewis
Daniel Hardegger PhD Candidates in the Humanities in the late 19th/early 20th century in Berlin, London and at the Columbia University, New York Professor Alan Sked
Anton Harder Sino-Indian Relations, 1947-1962 Professor Arne Westad
Cornelis Heere The British Empire and the Challenge of Japan, 1904-1911 Dr Antony Best
Michael Hemmersdorfer Competing for the Kaiser's ear. The struggle for control over Germany's England policy, 1898-1914. Professor Alan Sked
Paul Horsler British Public Opinion and Germany, 1937-1939 Professor David Stevenson
Anne Irfan Palestine, the UN and UNRWA: National and International Politics, c. 1955-1987 Dr Kirsten Schulze
Vishnu Juwono Eradicating Corruption in Indonesia: A History of Governance Reform, Anti-Corruption Initiatives, and Democratisation in Post-Suharto Indonesia Dr Kirsten Schulze
Serkan Kececi The Grand (Imperial) Strategy of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus and Transcaucasia against Its Southern Rivals (1820-1833) Professor Dominic Lieven
Vinay Kumar Pathak The 'Ray of Islam':Ahamdiyya Socio Political and Islamist Debates in Indonesia Dr Kirsten Schulze
Jin Lim 'Children of the Dragon': Tan Kah Kee, the Overseas Chinese, and New China, 1949-1961 Professor Arne Westad
Corina Mavrodin Romanian foreign policy, 1956-1969 Professor Arne Westad
Alexander Mayhew Morale in the British Army, 1914-1918 Dr Heather Jones
Tommaso Milani 'Les Belles Années du Plan': Mixed Economy and Supranational Integration in European Socialism, 1930-1945 Dr Piers Ludlow
Dr Heather Jones (2013-2014)
Pete Millwood The Sino-American Bilateral Exchange Program and US Support for China’s Reform and Opening, 1969-1989 Professor Arne Westad
Mahon Murphy German Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees Captured from the German Colonies during the First World War Professor David Stevenson
Mark O'Connor Imperial Justice at the Sunset of Empire: A Study of the Evolving Role and Ideology of the British Colonial Legal Service 1933 - 1966 Dr Joanna Lewis
Chris Parkes The Welles of Loneliness”: Sumner Welles and the Creation of U.S. Foreign Policy Dr Steven Casey
Nabila Ramdani The Rise of the Egyptian Nationalist Movement: The case of the 1919 Revolution Dr Kirsten Schulze
Aaron Rietkerk Anglo-American-UN relations in the Middle East from 1956-1960 Professor Nigel Ashton
Michael Rupp Outside Intelligence – Public Discourses and Intelligence Culture in Great Britain, 1900 – 1939 Professor Sönke Neitzel
Isaac Scarborough

On the Edges of Perestroika: Central Asia and the Experience of Glasnost

Professor Vladislav Zubok
Bastian Matteo Scianna

Italiani Bravi Soldati? Italian Military Culture after 1945 in a European context

Professor Sönke Neitzel
Max Skjönsberg

Concepts of Party in Eighteenth-century British Political Thought

Dr Tim Hochstrasser
Ian Stewart Celtic nationalism and the pan-Celtic movement in Britain, Ireland and France, c. 1860-1920 Dr Heather Jones
Yu Suzuki

Exploring the Origins of Alliance: Anglo-Japanese Diplomacy in Late Nineteenth Century.

Dr Antony Best
Amal Tarhuni Britain, the United States and the Radicalisation of Qaddafi's Libya 1969-1986 Dr Kirsten Schulze & Professor Arne Westad
Simon Toner Modernization and Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1968-76 Professor Arne Westad
Pinar Ure At the Intersection of Science and Politics: Russian Archaeological Institute in Constantinople (1894-1914) Professor Dominic Lieven
Roberto Ventresca
Visiting Research (Student from Padova University)
The era of technocracies: Italy and OEEC in the first stages of the European integration process (1947-1953) Dr. Piers Ludlow (Michaelmast Term only)
Takahiro Yamamoto Collective Constructions: The establishment of borders and the emergence of modern Japanese state, 1861-1875

Dr Antony Best