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Current Research Students

Student               Provisional Thesis Title         Supervisor

Ranji Alaaldin Shia Identity in Iraq
Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Sara Al-Qaiwani Nationalism, Revolution and Feminism: Women in Egypt and Iran 1880-1980 Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Sarah Ashraf Of Military and Militancy: The rise of Pakistan’s Praetorian Military Structure and its Relationship with Militant Islam Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Aurelie Basha i Novosejt Vietnam Withdrawal Plans in the Kennedy and Nixon administrations Dr Steven Casey| & Professor Matthew Jones|
Daniel Berman Coming Soon Dr Svetozar Rajak|
Bastiaan Bouwman Becoming politics. Human rights institutionalization and international civil society in the Netherlands and Britain in the 1970s Dr N. Piers Ludlow|
Gary Blank British Foreign Policy and the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) Dr Joanna Lewis|
David Broder Bandiera Rossa: Communists in German-occupied Rome, 1943-44 Professor Alan Sked|
Jean-Luc Brunet Coming Soon Professor Alan Sked|
Rosalind Coffey British press coverage of decolonisation in Africa, 1957-60 Dr Joanna Lewis|
John Collins Anglo-American relations and post-war international drug diplomacy: A "special relationship"? Professor Nigel Ashton|
Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo From Sepharad to Freedom: Jewish Refugees and Rescue Operations in Spain and Portugal during the Holocaust, 1940-1945 Professor P aul Preston |

Alexandre Dab

National Foreign Policies and European Political Cooperation, 1979-1981: A Historical Analysis of the Venice Declaration Dr N. Piers Ludlow|

Vladimir Dobrenko

Institutions of Peace for the Cold War:

The History of the Soviet Committee for the Defence of Peace and its Affiliated Institutions, 1949-1991

Professor Arne Westad|
Oliver Elliott American war journalism in Korea and Vietnam Dr Steven Casey|
Scott Gilfillan Convenient Imperialism: Britain and France in Tokugawa Japan, 1858-1869 Dr Antony Best|
Jonas Gjersø The Evolving Motives of British Policy in East Africa, 1877-1896 Dr Joanna Lewis| 
Benedict Greening Conservative Politics in the British Caribbean during the period of de-colonialisation, 1950-1980 Dr Joanna Lewis|
Daniel Hardegger PhD Candidates in the Humanities in the late 19th/early 20th century in Berlin, London and at the Columbia University, New York Professor Alan Sked|
Anton Harder Sino-Indian Relations, 1947-1962
Professor Arne Westad|
Cornelis Heere The British Empire and the Challenge of Japan, 1904-1911 Dr Antony Best|
Michael Hemmersdorfer Competing for the Kaiser's ear. The struggle for control over Germany's England policy, 1898-1914. Professor Alan Sked|
Paul Horsler British Public Opinion and Germany, 1937-1939
Professor David Stevenson|
Anne Irfan Palestine, the UN and UNRWA: National and International Politics, c. 1955-1987
Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Vishnu Juwono Eradicating Corruption in Indonesia: A History of Governance Reform, Anti-Corruption Initiatives, and Democratisation in Post-Suharto Indonesia Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Serkan Kececi The Grand (Imperial) Strategy of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus and Transcaucasia against Its Southern Rivals (1820-1833) Professor Dominic Lieven|
Vinay Kumar Pathak The 'Ray of Islam':Ahamdiyya Socio Political and Islamist Debates in Indonesia Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Jin Lim 'Children of the Dragon': Tan Kah Kee, the Overseas Chinese, and New China, 1949-1961 Professor Arne Westad|
Corina Mavrodin Romanian foreign policy, 1956-1969 Professor Arne Westad|
Alexander Mayhew Morale in the British Army, 1914-1918 Dr Heather Jones|
Tommaso Milani 'Les Belles Années du Plan': Mixed Economy and Supranational Integration in European Socialism, 1930-1945 Dr Piers Ludlow|
Dr Heather Jones (2013-2014)|
Pete Millwood The Sino-American Bilateral Exchange Program and US Support for China’s Reform and Opening, 1969-1989 Professor Arne Westad|
Mahon Murphy German Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees Captured from the German Colonies during the First World War Professor David Stevenson|
Mark O'Connor Imperial Justice at the Sunset of Empire: A Study of the Evolving Role and Ideology of the British Colonial Legal Service 1933 - 1966 Dr Joanna Lewis|
Chris Parkes The Welles of Loneliness”: Sumner Welles and the Creation of U.S. Foreign Policy Dr Steven Casey|
Nabila Ramdani The Rise of the Egyptian Nationalist Movement: The case of the 1919 Revolution Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Aaron Rietkerk Anglo-American-UN relations in the Middle East from 1956-1960 Professor Nigel Ashton|
Michael Rupp The Public and the Secret - Discourses on Intelligence in Britain, 1900-1947  Professor S önke Neitzel |
Laura Ryseck The search for national identity in post-colonial, multi-cultural states: the cases of Eritrea and Lebanon, 1941-1991 Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Isaac Scarborough

On the Edges of Perestroika: Central Asia and the Experience of Glasnost

Professor Vladislav Zubok|
Bastian Matteo Scianna

Italiani Bravi Soldati? Italian Military Culture after 1945 in a European context

Professor Sönke Neitzel|
Max Skjönsberg

Concepts of Party in Eighteenth-century British Political Thought

Dr Tim Hochstrasser|
Charles Sorrie Censorship of the French Press, 1917-1918 Professor David Stevenson|
Ian Stewart Celtic nationalism and the pan-Celtic movement in Britain, Ireland and France, c. 1860-1920 Dr Heather Jones|
Yu Suzuki

Exploring the Origins of Alliance: Anglo-Japanese Diplomacy in Late Nineteenth Century.

Dr Antony Best|
Amal Tarhuni Britain, the United States and the Radicalisation of Qaddafi's Libya 1969-1986 Dr Kirsten Schulze| & Professor Arne Westad|
Natalia Telepneva Soviet relations with national-liberation movements, 1961-76 Professor Odd Arne Westad|
Tobias Thiel

Yemen’s Youth Revolution: Contentious Politics, Collective Memory, and Violence in Yemen sur la Longue Duree

Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Simon Toner Modernization and Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1968-76 Professor Arne Westad|
Weston Ullrich American Foreign Policy and de-Stalinisation, 1953-56 Dr Steven Casey|
Pinar Ure At the Intersection of Science and Politics: Russian Archaeological Institute in Constantinople (1894-1914) Professor Dominic Lieven|
Corrin Varady Fighting for Peace in the Consociational Democracy: US Peacemaking and the Multinational Force in Lebanon 1982-84 Dr Kirsten Schulze|
Roberto Ventresca
Visiting Research (Student from Padova University)
The era of technocracies: Italy and OEEC in the first stages of the European integration process (1947-1953) Dr. Piers Ludlow| (Michaelmast Term only)
Takahiro Yamamoto Collective Constructions: The establishment of borders and the emergence of modern Japanese state, 1861-1875

Dr Antony Best|